OFFLINE: Rachel Bell, Taj Bourgeois, and Michael Hessel-Mial

November 13, 2015—A1 Lab Arts, Knoxville, TN

for anyone who missed this show, I am truly sorry not only
were the brownies incredible (coconut milk? unicorn juice?) but

the art was a rare and equally magical blend of smart+funny I assume
there was a lot of the smart that flew over my head probably

a lot of the funny too but I was walking around a grinning
idiot I’m not sure I would have ever found these artists

online, but I’m pretty sure I need to start hanging out there more
more grinning Thanks! to whoever made this show happen it made

my night made me think about taking myself less seriously made
my teeth brown which everyone there could see

Any further information on how this show came to be would be greatly appreciated. I tried to Google it, but… All the info I have is what was on the show card (and that’s all included in the title up there). If you know something say something. Comment below. And then plan another show, please! Also: brownie recipe if you have it.

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