Five Thousand Feet


UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology is used by military in America and war-torn countries, and recently an experiment of new technology is taken in Los Angeles, which can capture high-resolution video of everything that happened inside 10-square-mile municipality. This technology definitely has benefits on policy’s surveillance of the city, but what I am worried about is the privacy, democracy, and the non-moral affects of the non-human components. Innocent people died because of these non-human components and the omnipotence brought from them. In the film Five Thousand Feet is the Best by Israeli artist Omer Fast, an ordinary family in Afghanistan was unfortunately killed in a missile attack, and at the end of film, a Predator drone sensor operator was interviewed and stated the UAV fired at both militants and civilians.

James Bridle’s Drone Shadow

How artist can intervene in national level? James Bridle’s Drone Shadow is a good a case of that. He painted the outline of UAV on the ground of city to arouse people’s awareness of the presence of UAV in landscapes. Make fleeting objects more visible.

A Plate of Spaghetti Meatballs, Mary Ann Russon

We posts what we ate, what we Like, what we advocate, etc. with Like button, words and photos on social media. All these activities become the representative of who we are to the world. Corporation, researchers and business people use all these as data to analysis and observe human behavior. So each time we observe the world with food or with our action, we are being observed by the world as well. In Mary Ann Russon’s art work: A Plate of Spaghetti Meatballs, these representative objects have eyes from different sources observing us, we are in exposure. Mary uses her art pieces to make invisible information visible and powerful.

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