My first real experience with Windows 10

My past experience

Windows 10 for me previously has really been nothing but a pain in my arse. Random GUI glitches, telemetry spying and generally an unstable product really helped shaped my opinion of the OS for multiple months. I used Windows 10 from 2015 until October of 2016 and I generally disliked it. My laptop at the time was horribly sluggish and I pinned a lot of the blame for its speed on the OS unfairly. Over time I formed a bias of the OS, shaming anyone who used it and becoming what you may call a complete Windows 10 hater.

Today I was in a call with various friends of mine and one of them suggested that me and Harrison AO554 should upgrade once again to Windows 10. We were undecided for quite some time after this but after we realised there was a roll back period to 8.1 we took the plunge into Windows 10 to see how bad it really was.

First impressions

After the very long upgrade process, I was pleasantly surprised with the fact that Classic shell, Winaero tweaker and for what ever reason the Geforce experience had been uninstalled during the upgrade process. Classic shell being removed wasn’t the end of the world as I am actually quite fond of the new start menu but the fact how it falsely claims that “your files will be right where you left them” is absolutely ridiculous.

For whatever reason my internet slowed to a crawl from 70mbps to 3mbps. This could be down to Windows 10 generally being a resource hog or one massive Windows update that slows everything else, which is possible but unlikely.

I’ve always liked the design language of Windows 10 and that still hasn't changed. Everything just flows. It’s so smooth. I’ve always had a thing for animations. Windows 10 really tickles my fancy when it comes to general ascetics and that’s something I’ve always preferred over 8.1.


Of course, I had to make some modifications to Windows 10 to make the experience fit me more. The first of which being installing Spybot Antibeacon in order to remove Windows 10’s spying capabilities. I next installed Winaero tweaker where I messed with a few things, making it a little more Windows 8 like. This pretty much was it for the modifications I needed to make. Whilst testing I may possibly install Aeroglass to make Windows look more like my past experience.

Likes and dislikes

Like I previously said, I really like the animations and smoothness of the OS. Everything is so fluid and connected. Some aspects I do dislike though. I dislike how Microsoft forces it’s own apps upon you. As much as I like how everything is connected I would like the freedom to use my own apps rather than be pestered with constant messages about how I should try edge.

I like how the Settings panel looks and works. Its switches and the way buttons are pushed backwards really makes me feel like this is more of a complete experience than control panel ever was. Yet again I dislike how aspects of control panel have been hidden or stripped from the Windows experience. It really annoys me that things have moved and that it’s harder or impossible to change certain aspects you were able to before.

The verdict

I’m honestly not quite sure yet on what I think of the OS. I’ll need to give it more testing time before I jump to any conclusions. I’ll write a new post in around a week detailing my experience and if I stay with the OS or revert back to good ‘ol 8.1.