Why You Should Be Combing Your Beard Everyday

If you’ve been growing your beard for so many days now, and have crossed that stage where it constantly itches, chances are you want to show that beard off. To keep your beard from looking the part you need to be combing it daily.

Combing the beard correctly will not only improve the way the beard feels, it will definitely improve the way you feel. So before we discuss the benefits of combing your beard, here is how you should be combing your beard.

  1. Comb the beard from the bottom and coming upwards and outward. This process should begin at the neck and work towards the cheeks and chin. By combing this way you will separate all the facial hair so the beard appears fuller.
  2. Once the entire beard has been brushed upwards, now begin combing the beard down so that you can style it in the manner you like.
  3. Don’t forget to comb that mustache off to the sides and away from your mouth.

Now that we know that, let’s see why combing your beard is so important.

Preventing Ingrown Hair

Those little bumps and red spots around your cheeks and neck are simply ingrown hairs that curled around and began growing under the skin. Combing the hair each day will ensure all those facial hairs will grow in the right direction so you avoid those unsightly and painful ingrown hairs.

Lining Up The Hairs

In order to give that appearance of a fuller beard, all those hairs need to align perfectly with your face. When you comb your beard each day, you are in fact training different hairs to grow in different directions. Just like how combing the hair on your head will cause hairs to grow a certain way, in order to have a fuller and manly beard, combing is absolutely essential every day.

Keeping Your Mouth Clear

Combing the hair around your mouth each day not only trains the hairs to grow around the mouth, it will help to reduce all those food particles from getting trapped in the facial hairs. Nothing can take away months of work like looking at a beard that has little food particles trapped everywhere.

Moisturize The Beard

By now you know how important it is to apply a beard oil or beard balm to the facial hair to help it stay healthy and strong while ensuring the skin below is adequately moisturized. There is only so much that you can reach when you apply the product to your palms and rub into the hair.

When you comb your beard each day after applying the moisturizer, the teeth of the comb will evenly distribute this product to the areas that need it the most.

This article was originally published here http://beardoholic.com/5-essential-benefits-beard-comb/