Chrome will filter ads on sites in Asia, South America and Africa from July 9.

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Jun 12 · 3 min read

Chrome will filter ads which is negatively impact on user experience on sites in Asia, South America and Africa from July 9.

Since February 2018, Chrome has filtered advertisements that interfere with users’ content use, such as pop-up ads and auto-playing video ads with Sound etc. in North America and Europe. And they expand the region to all parts of the world including Asia, South America and Africa.

Chrome ad filtering

Online advertising allows you to enjoy a variety of content on the Internet free of charge and create a wider social relationship through social media such as Facebook, Instagram. However, as online advertising develops, it has even hindered users’ use of content. So Internet media such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft have formed Coalition for Better Ads(CBA) to improve users’ online advertising experience.

The CBA surveyed 66,000 people around the world for identifying the least preferred ad types and announced the ‘Better Ads Standards’. Based on this, Chrome blocks ads on sites such as pop-up ads and auto-playing video ads with Sound etc. Publishers can modify and review the ads on sites within 30 days.

Chrome is not to block all ads but to filter ads that interferes with users’ use of content and makes them uncomfortable. Ultimately, they expect to have a positive impact on publishers by improving users’ experience of using sites.

Least preferred ad experiences for desktop web and mobile web

source : Coalition for Better Ads
source : Coalition for Better Ads

Dable offers services with Dable recommendation engine in the following areas : Content Recommendation and Personalized Native Ad Solution.

Dable Content Recommendation provides personalized content recommendation tailored to each individual’s interest and enhance user experience. Users will stay longer and read more when site is more personalized for them.

Dable Native Ad is a form of paid media which is created similar to the main content on the website so that it can attract more attention of users without any objection. Dable Nativd Ad is not the target of chrome’s ads filtering. So we recommend you use Dable Native Ad if you’re worried about Chrome’s ads filtering.

Dable Blog

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Dable Blog

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