Content discovery platform Dable establishes subsidiary in Taiwan

Dable Blog
Jan 28, 2019 · 2 min read

Dable, Korea №1 content discovery platform, has begun its global expansion through the recent establishment of a subsidiary in Taiwan.

Dable, a member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre, announced that it has established a subsidiary in Taipei as part of its goal of expanding into the Taiwanese market. Dable utilizes big data technology which collects and analyzes large quantities of log data and machine-learning technology which analyzes and learns the content preferred by consumers, to recommend high-quality content that is tailored to individuals.

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Dable Content Recommendation, the service that Dable provides free of charge to media corporations, analyzes the interests of website visitors and recommends relevant content. By connecting readers of the PC/Mobile websites of media corporations with individualized content, Dable Content Recommendation increases user’s content usage rates and encourages greater traffic flow. Dable offers a variety of formats, including “Popular News” provided by most media corporations, “Personalized News” designed to reflect individual interests and “Related News” that shows those somehow connected to the content being viewed.

Dable Native Ad, another of Dable’s services, is a fast-growing advertisement format in the online advertising market and seeing noticeable outcomes due to its advertisements being similar in format to website content, which avoids interfering from viewing of the content. Contrary to existing native ad services which present random advertisements to every user, Dable Native Ad analyzes user interests based on visit information and reflects this analysis in the advertisements presented for viewing by that user.

Dable is partnered with major Korean media corporations and enjoys a nearly 80 percent share of the Korean market.

Chaehyun Lee, Dable’s CEO expressed “Dable is advanced enough to have defeated top global companies through our sophisticated and personalized recommendation technology. This technological competitiveness allowed us to expand into the Asian market. In Taiwan, our inventory is growing rapidly at a monthly rate of 35 percent. As evidenced by our new Taiwan subsidiary and hiring of more local staff, Dable seeks to provide even better services through greater communication with local consumers and timely response to their needs.”

Dable is partnered with approximately 50 major Taiwanese media corporations and is in the process of securing inventory. The company is also recruiting local Taiwanese advertisers and international corporations wishing to enter the Taiwanese market.

Dable Blog

№1 Content Discovery Platform — Personalized Recommendation…

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