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[CTR Center] Try our “Popular Content by Visitors” service that displays the interests of each visitor group.

Hello :) Today we would like to introduce our Popular Content by Visitorsservice that will show popular content viewed by different genders and various age groups.

Popular Content by Visitors

Through a collection of data from more than 1,800 media and utilization of the machine-learning technology, Dable estimates genders as well as age groups of all users. The “Popular Content by Visitors” system displays content viewed by such visitors from different genders and various age groups.

Unlike the existing system, which displayed “Popular items by genders” and “Popular items by age groups” through two separate menus, this new system allows you to view both of the above menus on the same page. And you can also check the genders as well as age information of the visitors from the previous day at a glance.

Check the Visitor Information at a Glance

Wouldn’t it be more important to find out the gender and age of the visitors who have accessed your media before identifying popular content favored by visitors? In the Overview on Media Visitor section located on the top of the menu, an estimated gender and age information of the visitors, who visited the website the day before, is offered. This means that it is possible to discover the most as well as the least visited gender or age group from the previous day.

Popular Content by Genders

In the popular content by gender section, you can check the content by time and date.

After going through the gender preference of popular content by media, a clear difference in article reading pattern between male and female users has been discovered.

Although it varies by media, It has been revealed that

▶male consumers tend to show a higher rate of news consumption in the international and sports categories,

▶while female consumers favor reading dating and lifestyle/culture news sections.

Popular Content by Age

In the popular content by age section, it is possible to confirm popular articles favored by various age groups such as consumers ’20s and below’, ’30s,’ ‘40s,’ ’50s and above’ etc.

Similar to the patterns displayed in popular content based on gender, there were distinct preference differences based on age when it came to popular content by age.

Based on a comparison of popular content between the age groups ’20s and below’ and in their ‘40s’ from one media,

▶The age groups ’20s and below’ were interested in start-up and economy content,

▶while people in their ‘40s’ with children showed their interest in education as well as society related content.

The utilization of the ‘Popular Content by Visitors’ service enables the examination of popular content favored by different gender or age groups. This, in turn, will drive more traffic since it will allow you to provide popular content that matches the interests of your targeted gender and age groups.

Please visit our CTR center to check the ‘Popular Content by Visitors’!

If you are interested in ‘Dable News’ or have any question, please send us email : bizdev@dable.io




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