Dable, a new rising force in content discovery platform, reaches milestone of 200 Taiwanese media partners

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Oct 23 · 3 min read

Dable, Asia’s top content discovery platform, now has over 200 Taiwanese media partners.

Dable has secured over 200 Taiwan media partners, including not only major media partners such as ETtoday, NOWnews, Chinatimes, Liberty Times, and SET News but also vertical category magazines, blogs, and online communities. These partner companies produce diverse types of news content, including in the areas of community, travel/food, fashion/beauty/entertainment, tech/car/sports, and business/finance.

Dable analyzes content consumption in real-time based on big data and personalization technology in order to offer its “Dable Content Recommendation,” a service that recommends individually tailored content on both desktop and mobile devices. This service provides related data and articles with which media outlets can conduct independent data analyses (funnel analysis, perused article rankings, etc.).

By showing the user content that he or she will most likely find interesting through recommendation widgets (e.g. “Content you may like”) at the bottom of news articles, media companies can increase the time that users spend on their websites, thereby increasing their page views. Since applying Dable Content Recommendation, Dable announced that its page views have increased by 5 to 10 percent on PCs and by as much as 7 to 40 percent on mobile devices.

Dable provides several recommendation algorithms that can be used selectively depending on the characteristics of the desired media type, including: “Personalized Articles,” which provides content that is tailored to the interests of each user; “Perused Articles,” which shows content that was read previously by the user; and “Popular by Gender/Age,” which shows news items according to their popularity by gender and/or age.

In Korea, Dable holds a market share of 80 percent. In 2017, the company, based on its superior technological prowess, branched out into several Asian markets, including Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Currently, Dable has partnerships with approximately 1,800 media corporations in Korea (MBC, MSN, and Kakao), Indonesia (Liputan6, Suara, and Kaskus), Vietnam (Thanh Niên, Saostar, and Bongda), and other countries in Asia.

Another key service offered by Dable is “Dable Native Ad.” By exposing users to advertisements that are similar in format to website content, this service catches users’ attention while not interrupting their consumption of content, resulting in high performance levels. Dable Native Ad is markedly different from existing advertisement providers, who expose all or segmented users to random ads. By showing ads that are actually related to users’ interests (e.g. showing an advertisement for airplane tickets to a user who is reading a travel article), which are analyzed in advance, Dable is able to offer a much more effective advertising service.

“Advertisers can target the desired audience based on age, gender, or area of interest.”

Dable CEO Chaehyun Lee said, “Dable boasts not only broad coverage but also partnerships with media publishers that provide diverse forms of content. In this way, advertisers can target the desired audience based on age, gender, or area of interest. Through close cooperation with our Taiwanese media partners, Dable will not only be expanding our coverage but also sophisticating our advertisement platform in order to increase the profitability of both media companies and advertisers.”

For more detailed information on Dable, visit http://dable.io/en/.

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Dable Blog

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