Dable participates in “Web Summit 2019”, Europe’s largest tech conference

Dable Blog
Nov 7, 2019 · 1 min read

Dable participates in “Web Summit 2019”, Europe’s largest tech conference.

“Web Summit” is an important place to predict innovative, trendy industries and start-ups. Dable, a member of the Born2Global Centre, is selected as a representative startup at Web Summit 2019 and showcase its product.

Dable is also selected to conduct Investor Meeting to attract investment and explore business development opportunities. Dable has a booth exhibition and demonstrates its product and conduct one-on-one business meetings to promote company-specific services and technologies.

For more detailed information on Dable, visit http://dable.io/en/.

source : Born2Global

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Dable Blog

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Dable Blog

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