Dable Teams Up with Geniee to Take on Japan’s Content Recommendation Market

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Jul 19, 2019 · 2 min read
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Dable, the content discovery platform, announced that the company has concluded a licensing agreement with Japan’s largest SSP network, Geniee, Inc., in a bid to widen its reach and boost its growth in Asia by expanding into the highly competitive Japanese market.

As part of the partnership, based in South Korea, Dable will provide its recommendation solution to Geniee and offer technical consultation and support to the latter. This will allow Geniee’s publishers to take advantage of the №1 recommendation solution in Korea to increase site traffic and advertising revenue.

The company first entered Japan in late 2017 but saw the need to have a strong ally in the market to spur growth. With this partnership, Dable aims to accelerate its expansion and gain a stronger foothold in Asia.

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According to the Japanese research firm Digital InFact, in 2017, Japan’s native advertising volume in recommendation widgets almost doubled to 14.8 billion yen compared to the year before after recording a five-fold growth in 2016 and is expected to hit 34.9 billion by 2020.

With Geniee’s reach in Japan, this collaboration opens up great opportunities for Dable in the country. In turn, Geniee will be able to add this new advertising solution to their arsenal.

“We hope to maximize the strength of both companies to achieve a win-win situation in the Japanese market through this strategic partnership,” shares Sewon Yoon, Dable’s Head of Market Development & Innovation.

For more detailed information on Dable, please visit http://dable.io or visit the YouTube channel.

Dable Blog

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