Dabler’s ‘Happy Company Life’, The Key to Skyrocketing Growth

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Feb 7, 2019 · 4 min read

People tend to feel greater happiness when they have autonomy.

​Compared to working in companies where one’s ability is recognized only by following every decision and order by a superior (a.k.a. the “boss”), there would be greater happiness when one sets his or her goals individually, select unique path to achieving a goal, and achieve the goal through creative means.

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Happy Dabler

Dablers are self-motivated, without the boss’s orders. Junior Developers (1~2 Years of Experience) working under hierarchical structure tend to be passive. If one assimilates to such culture, one cannot work without guidance.

- Kim Seongmin, CTO of Dable -

Dable strictly bases work on employee’s autonomy. Rather than assigning work based on organizational hierarchy, we seek a faster and efficient Point-to-Point collaborative work method. Instead of following the decision of a team leader, we provide an environment in which individuals can freely share their opinions and directions — providing greater autonomy to the each individuals.

Many of you would have heard that employees who are delegated with responsibility and authority deliver high performance through a sense of ownership based on trust.

Dable is exactly like that!

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Dabler’s decision-making rights are not limited to work progress. Dablers can decide his or her own work time, working place, and vacation time.

In my case, I’m very sensitive to sleep, but I’m glad that my commute and work time are flexible, providing a relief in stress. So I usually wake up after 9, go to work around 10 and leave at about 7.

- Choi Hyungjoo, Dable Backend Developing Team -

With the exception of the core hours (11AM to 4PM) for collaboration, employees can freely choose their work times — based on one’s lifestyle, schedule, the commuting times can be determined.

In a way, it can be called as a Korean proverb, “JoSamMoSa” (It’s same whether you work from 8AM to 5PM or 11AM to 8PM), but it’s truly a relief to get off the pressure of “I have to be at work by 9!” and go to work at the time I want to, making the commuting time less stressful!

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Dablers work remotely once a week (every Thursdays). Whether it be home, coffee shop nearby, office (or other WeWork office), you can choose where you want to work once a week.

Even on the day reporting to office, you can choose your place to work according to your taste and style. You can work anywhere in the office — whether it be cafeteria, main lounge, or private phone booths.

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There are companies in which employees have to consider boss and co-workers’ approval when trying to use their annual leave. In some companies, employees cannot even imagine a leave of more than 5 days consecutively.

Dable’s annual leave is a notice-based system instead of approval-based system — allowing the employees to freely use the annual leave. What’s unusual is that there are many different types of annual leave, such as typical one-day period, a half-day period (4 hours), 1/4 leave (2 hours) and 1 hour leave!

​One hour leave in particular is most loved by Dablers. Employees can take care of personal errands such cases like dental treatment, home repairs, school events, etc.

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working at Jeju Island

Dable is open to anyone who’s willing to share our vision and goals, with a collaborative mind aimed towards growth.

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