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Do you know ‘The News Trust Halo’? It Benefits Brands to Advertise in News [Report Findings]

Online news consumption is increasing with the prolonging pandemic.(How has Covid-19 changed media consumption?) And this has provided an opportunity for advertisers to reach more customers by advertising in news.

News is a medium that has traditionally been trusted by users. The user’s trust in news has a positive impact even on advertisements within news. Advertising in News increases brand trust, creates a positive brand image and consequently contributes to the company’s growth through increased sales.

Recently, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) along with The Washington Post, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, NBC News conducted an online survey of 2,029 U.S. citizens who are news consumers and published the report The News Trust Halo: How Advertising in News Benefits Brands Research. This report revealed how much advertising on news has helped companies despite the negative articles that resulted from COVID-19 as well as fake news.

The News Trust Halo: A Research on How Advertising in News Benefits Brands

People have a strong sense of Trust on News Media Outlets

On average, seven out of ten people say the types of News sources they use are trustworthy. (IAB Research Report, 2020, p.7). Especially “news consumers feel that social posts by news organizations, search engines, and news aggregators are more reliable than posts by everyday people” (IAB Research Report, 2020, p.8).

The News Trust Halo Extends to Advertisers

1. Advertising Within News Increases Brand Trust

When brands advertise with news, they gain consumer trust. The trust level of products advertised among the news increased by an average of 4%. And This applies to all product categories including retail, automotive, banking/finance, pharmaceutical, travel/hospitality, media, and telecommunications (IAB Research Report, 2020, p.10).

You may think, serious or breaking news could be potentially disturbing or upsetting and it would have a negative impact on an advertiser. But, advertising on news still increases brand trust regardless of the subject matter. When consumers see an upsetting news, a majority of readers expect the impact on Advertisers to be neutral (55%) whereas the rest (31%) are more positive towards the Brand.(IAB Research Report, 2020, p.11).

* Note that this is not always the case: consumer comfort level can decline if the presentation of that News is overtly graphic, and it can decline even more if the presentation is mishandled or presented in an irresponsible way.

2. Advertising Within News elevates lift in Positive Brand Attributes

Advertising within news boosts more than just trust. Consumers find ads within news to have a greater likelihood to be relevant, believable, innovative etc. and about 90% of consumers have a positive or neutral response to ads in news(IAB Research Report, 2020, p.12).

3. Advertising Within News elicits consumers to take actions toward Brand Purchase

Advertising within news impacts considerably during the customer journey. People are likely to take action and engage with Brands advertising within their preferred media. When news consumers view ads exposed in trusted media, they take actions such as considering or recommending the brand, visiting the brand’s website, and spreading by word of mouth (“ask or talk about the brand to a friend or family member”) (IAB Research Report, 2020, p.13).

The Halo of Trust is found to be particularly strong with business executives. They showed higher brand trust, a stronger tendency towards purchasing action and gained a more positive image of the brand than general consumers.

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