Genuine is the Word! The Dable Advertising Team and What Being the Dable Marketers Means

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Mar 5, 2019 · 4 min read

In digital marketing companies, marketers need to be the most knowledgeable group of people.

Dable is a marketing platform company with strongly skilled and experienced talents in charge of its advertising operations.

Today, I met Young-bin, who was chosen to represent the advertising team, and we talked about what being a member of Dable’s Advertising Team is like.

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Q. Can you tell me the roles and responsibilities of Dable Advertising Team?

Hello, I’m Son Young-bin from Dable Advertising Team. My role is operation and release for the advertising products. There are three main tasks for Dable Advertising Team:

  • Dable native advertising product sales
  • To monitor advertisers’ campaigns and assist with performance enhancement/optimization
  • Reinforcement of Dable advertising service (planning for new products and improved targeting functions, etc.)

​There is a sense of unity because we can share the common KPIs and help each other do their jobs. The sense of accomplishment that you feel from achieving your personal goals which was set after an open discussion with your team manager is definitely an advantage of the company culture of Dable. Personally, I would like to focus on planning new products so that a variety of new advertising strategies can be hatched through Dable Advertising Service.​

I think it’s a great luck being given the sense of responsibility and freedom for your job.

Q. What is the allure only your role can have?

In digital advertising, every part of your performance is translated into numbers. So some people say it’s more boring than traditional ads where the emphasis is on creativity. But digital advertising is just as dynamic. It’s more fun than it seems, making observation on what kind of feedback new publishing strategies and initiatives draw from the users and analyzing the possible causes. Depending on where you post the ad, the impact of creation changes. After working on advertising campaigns and digesting the data from a wide range of industries, you pick up your own know-how. The online advertising market is growing every year, and Dable aspires to be the best in the native advertising sector. I think it’s great luck to be given the sense of responsibility and freedom for a position at the rising leader of the industry.

Q. What difficulties do you face in your job?

As I am fully focused only on our service to improve the overall quality of the advertising services, I always wonder what other advertising platforms are like. You can lag behind with the market trends compared to the advertising AE and marketers who devise their marketing strategy using a variety of platforms and media. It is important to keep track of the trend by regularly gathering feedback from clients and participating in externally held conferences related to digital marketing and so on.

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Q. What’s the atmosphere like in Dable?

There is a custom for the employees to address each other as OOO-nim, so it feels comfortable for us to express our opinions. But I used to work for a very conservative company, so it was kind of awkward at first. I can also have home office every Thursday. I can get up a little later than usual, so if I have plans for a few drinks on weekdays, I’ll definitely make it Wednesday evening. Even if I have to come in for a meeting on Thursdays, I feel relaxed and liberated as there are few people who come to the office.

Q. What are the good preparations for becoming a marketer?

The digital advertising market is a fast-changing industry. New products and technologies are popping up at the blink of an eye and the products that are not competitive fall behind straight away. So if you are keen on the online/mobile advertising industry and have a strong understanding, I think it’s a great start. It’s good to have an experience where you had to really think hard how to deliver advertisers’ services or products to consumers online. And let’s not forget about the ability to think outside the box, communication skills, and logical and strong mind required for communicating with clients from various industries.

Q. For you, the Dable advertising team is OOO!

The word to describe the team would be ‘genuine’!

We are all so fun and down to earth, so I am sure anyone will enjoy working with us.

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