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Goonoo Kim, co-founder and CPO of Dable “I am a ‘Slow Starter’. But I finally found something I could do well.”

- CPO & Co-founder of Dable-

As a co-founder & CPO of Dable, Goonoo is responsible for the development of web platforms, including front-end performance optimization and advertising API server development. Over the past 15 years, he has been involved in developing various services as a web developer at NCsoft, Naver, and SK Planet. He developed web services such as ‘lemonpen’ and SNS for gamers at NCsoft(Open Maru Studio) and participated in software development such as N-WAX and N-MET at Naver(Web Standard Development Team). And he also developed a web platform for RecoPick, a commerce recommendation solution at SK Planet.

Please tell us about your story.

When I was a kid, I was just a normal person. I’m not particularly well-educated, not very good at sports and not sure about dreams. I chose a major in computer design because others said it was promising. But I didn’t have a talent in design. I worked for six months as a designer at a company, but I was cut off because of lack of skills.

At that time I met my wife and I could find my dreams thanks to my wife.

I am a ‘Slow Starter’. But I finally found something I could do well.

I am a “Slow Starter” but I finally found something I could do well. I had a job as a developer late and I’ve worked at NCsoft, Naver, and SK Planet. I started as a ‘immature’ developer and became a developer who was recognized by a large company. Also I learned the pleasure of working. And today, I’m responsible for all web-related technical issues at Dable, including front-end performance optimization and advertising API server development.

Why did you start Dable?

I wanted to achieve the same goal with my colleagues. And it was the motivation to start a business.

Four co-founders of Dable including me are from RecoPick, SK Planet’s in-house venture team. We had been working together as a team. So I was convinced that if I worked with them, we’d be able to create more value than I enjoyed in a big company even though we were not in a big company.

A small company that started with four people’s dreams now has just surpassed 50 people. They came from various backgrounds, diverse positions, and different countries. But we are still gathered to achieve the same goal. I believe that Dable can contribute to making a better world.

What is Dable’s competitiveness?

In the early days of its founding, Dable pivoted the ‘Omniverse Personalization Recommendation’ product which was a start-up item to ‘Personalized Content Recommendation’ solution. The BM(Business Model) of the ‘Personalized Content Recommendation’ solution has also been replaced by a sudden emergence of competitors, a model that shares advertising revenue with medias from receiving solution fee from them. It’s not easy to decide on pivots or BM changes. And I think that this determination and momentum are Dable’s competitiveness.

Dable is a company founded by key personnel who developed the first big data-based product recommendation platform in Korea. And We are proud to have the world’s best personalization recommendation technology which is developing recommendation algorithms, operating platforms, and consulting on recommendation services.

I think Dable’s competitiveness comes from the organizational culture of Dable which is not afraid to challenge.

But I think Dable’s ‘Real’ competitiveness comes from the organizational culture which is not afraid to challenge. From the first entrepreneurial item “Omniverse Personalization Recommendation” to the current flagship model Native Ad, everything was a challenge to the unknown. But Dable was moving forward, over the uncertainty.

This allowed Dable to pioneer a new market called Native Ad ahead of other companies. In addition Dable’s challenge spirit is driving Dable to enter the global market as well as Korea.

What are your goals at Dable?

I think my life has been a process of finding out my shortcomings; how weak I am, how lacking I am. President Moon Jae-in said “Attitude is the essence”. It means that “I do wrong because my essence is not right.” Every time I look back on my essence and realize my shortcomings.

Through the process of trying to find out my shortcomings, I became aware of joy and gratitude. And I became more fond of me, my family and people around me. I had dreams to develop well and make a great start-up with great colleagues.

I’m not good enough, but I’ve got something to do. I’m trying to make my family and people happy by doing well.




As the global leading content discovery platform, Dable helps publishers generate revenue by recommending personalized contents to users while helping advertisers maximize advertising effects.

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