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More and more media are paying attention to Brand Safety nowadays. Media had focused only on ad content itself shown on its site, but now it is checking the after click experience as well.

To show your ads on desired media, you must check whether your landing page info is accurate and matches with your ad content, whether your ad has any exaggeration or overstatement, or whether your ad redirects users to other pages, etc.

Here we introduce some tips to creating a landing page that won’t block your ad from being exposed.


  1. Price info should be explicitly shown to users.
  2. Price info should not be hidden by other elements in the landing page.
  3. You should not advertise any out-of-stock products or expired discounts/promotions.

eg) If your ad reads ‘Get tablet for 100 dollars,’ users must be able to find a 100-dollar tablet in the landing page.

4. You should not post a price info different with what the user will actually pay.

eg)If shipping or other payment fee occurs in addition to the product price, then that price info should be clearly stated.

5. If you are promoting a limited offer provided for a specific time, you must update your ad as your inventory or offer changes.

eg) If you are promoting an offer provided for only three hours of a specific day, you should update or delete the ad for the remaining hours of the day when the offer is no longer available.

6. If your customer service number is not toll free, it should be clearly stated.

[Financial products or services]

  1. Official offline contact info should be disclosed and be able to reach at.

a. Should display legitimate physical contact information for businesses providing the product/service in the landing page

b. Inaccurate or inactivated phone number or number irrelevant with the advertiser should not be displayed

c. If the number is not toll-free, a disclaimer is needed

2. For loan products, interest rates should be exactly disclosed. It is against the policy to post interest rates as roll-over text or made available through another link.

3. For loan products, overdue interest rate should be disclosed together.

4. For personal loans (lending money to an individual consumer on a nonrecurring basis), minimum/maximum repayment period should be disclosed.

5. Personal loans should provide the total loan amount including all fees, such as maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR), which generally includes interest rate plus fees and other costs for a year.

6. You may not use the term ‘Government-supported’ without providing specific proof. If you are affiliated with a specific governmental agency or have been accredited or endorsed by a specific third party and you wish to include this fact to your ad, you must provide relevant links.

7. Your landing page should not resemble the looks of official government or bank sites. Otherwise, it may mislead the users.

8. A disclaimer such as ‘Actual investment results may vary’ should be included.

9. Any exaggeration or overstatement is disallowed in the ad, e.g. Guaranteed high returns within short period!

10. Advertising for personal loans which require repayment in full in 60 days or less from the date the loan is issued (in other words, ‘Short-term personal loans’) may be disallowed. Even if it is allowed, ad exposure rate may be less than expected.


  1. Any exaggeration or overstatement is disallowed in ads.1

a. Guaranteed weight loss within just a few weeks

b. High returns with less or no effort

c. High returns guaranteed within short period

2. If you guarantee a specific result, you must explicitly disclose your refund policy. Note that you should also include a disclaimer saying that personal results may vary.

3. You may not use the term such as ‘Certified’ or ‘Endorsed’ in the ad unless specific proof is provided. If you wish to use these terms in your ad, you must provide relevant links that lead the user to proofing documents.

4. A disclaimer saying that personal results may vary should be included.

When checking ad contents, media also carefully reviews the effects used in the landing page.

Landing pages with following effects are mostly rejected, so please be careful when creating your landing page.

1) Pages with pop-ups that won’t close2) Pages that collect user data but does not have any privacy policy3) Pages that leads users to download or redirect to other sites

We hope these tips will be helpful in enjoying a successful advertisement experience!

We will always strive to provide better information to help you increase profits. If you wish to know more about our services or have any suggestions, please contact ad@dable.io

Dable Blog

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Dable Blog

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Dable Blog

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