Hoyoung Lee(GM of Indonesia), “I have suffered a lot of failures. But based on this, I could also make several successes”

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Mar 15, 2019 · 5 min read
Hoyoung Lee
- General Manager of Indonesia-

Hoyoung is in charge of the entire business of Dable Indonesia including the administrative work of the Indonesian corporation(personnel/financial/account/general) and the Buy Side/Sell Side as a whole. Over the past 18 years, he has worked in RealNetworks(SK Widerthan) for global business development and product development for Southeast Asia(Indonesia, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia). He participated in launching and operating various mobile services including the world’s first Wireless PDA service. Starting with the launch of the RingBack Tone service in Indonesia in 2005, he has been localizing various products such as RingBack Tone, Music Service, Mobile Game, Digital Marketing Platform. In particular, he led Melon’s first overseas expansion(Indonesia) successfully and the Ringback Tone maintained its top position in Indonesia.

Please tell us about your story.

When I was a kid, I was a curious boy. I’ve tried to break the frame rather than follow the rules. I think this made me who I am now.

I was curious, so I tried to experience some of the services first and I made other services based on that experience. When others tried to avoid something, I turned their thoughts over and tried to make other things. With that, I have suffered a lot of failures. But based on this, I could also make several successes.

I have suffered a lot of failures. But based on this, I could also make several successes.

When I happened to take on the Indonesian project in 2005, I thought it would end with a three-month business trip. But I have been staying in Indonesia from that time. I launched and operated a variety of mobile services, starting with the launch of the world’s first Wireless PDA service at RealNetworks(SK Widerthan). And I have localized various products such as RingBack Tone, Music Service, Mobile Game, Digital Marketing Platform in Southeast Asia.(Indonesia, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines and Australia)

What brings you to dable?

Dable Indonesia

I have been in Indonesia for 14 years and have met many Korean people/companys preparing to make global advances(especially in Southeast Asia). I talked with these people and thought how to help them advance into the global market and expand their business by reducing trial and error that I had experienced by launching services in Southeast Asia. With this kind of mind, I met Mr.Lee, CEO of Dable, too.

It was just when he was about to make his way to Indonesia. When I heard about Dable from him, I was enamored by the personalization recommendation service that Dable provides(“This product will work globally!”). And I also thought that Dable has a potential for sustainable growth. Because the global top company that provides services similar to Dable had been growing for more than a decade, not two or three years.

At that time I was only looking at the possibility of the Dable’s success in the Southeast Asian market, not as a company I would go to. So a few months later when I received a proposal from Dable, I had to worry.

Most of all, I fell for the people of Dable.(Dablers)

But I already knew how happy I was to work in a growing company like a Dable. And most of all, I fell for the people of Dable(Dablers). Generally when people want to enter the overseas market, they have a market research time of one or two years. And they go into the market with a solid self-business style. But Dable was different. Dable started in Indonesia, even small. And they tried to expand the business based on data by seeing the market situation without prejudice about the local market. I was impressed with that way. I thought “If I work with these people, it will be fun” and I joined.

What do you think Dable’s strength is?

Many start-ups/IT companies boast of their technological competitiveness but in reality, there are often gaps between the goals and explanations. So for my part which is operating solutions directly and dealing with customers in the field, we come to worry about implementing services actually, such as whether our solution works properly or it performs well as promoted.

Dable, as a technology-based start-up also promotes ‘the world’s best personalization recommendation ability’ as its main competitiveness. And , not just in the company introduction or product manual.

It was the best moment when we’ve got much better performance than expected in the Indonesia’s №1 e-commerce company. Even if Dable’s initial performance is low, we do not doubt that our service will eventually be performing well. I think that is another competitiveness of Dable to be able to meet customers with confidence in Dable’s platform, technology and service.

What about the online advertising industry in Indonesia?

Online advertising in Indonesia accounts for about 10% of the total advertising market. It is growing rapidly and there is enough room for growth compared to other countries where online advertising accounts for 30% to 40% of all ads. But the native ad that Dable is serving is just starting to take a step.

There are some excitements and difficulties at the same time working in such a market. Despite the high growth rate, there is no accurate system or experience yet. So it needs more efforts to let know the product. But I know that this effort will soon be the basis for accelerating growth. So I work with a pleasant tension.

What are your goals at Dable?

I think I can work the most happily when these three things are are combined, ; what I want to do, what I have to do and what I can do well. As a head of Indonesia business, I manage the entire Indonesian Buy Side/Sell Side and take care administrative tasks(personnel/financial/accounting/general affairs). I think there are some parts I can do well and I can contribute to. And I hope to participate in making some products at Dable if there is a chance.

Additionally I also think that we can enjoy work when there is a common denominator between the company’s goals and the individual’s wishes. And I’m trying to make as many intersections as possible between them. I hope that Dable will not be a company that only focuses on selling and making money, but a company that can help people’s better lives, can make products only because it’s so fun, and can give great envy to others when they say “I’m a ‘Dabler’”.

Dable Blog

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Dable Blog

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Dable Blog

№1 Content Discovery Platform — Personalized Recommendation & Native Advertising

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