INAC 2018: Native Ads, Alternative of Future Digital Marketing

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Jan 28, 2019 · 3 min read

Some 100 representatives from the media, digital, and marketing sectors attended the Indonesian Native Ads Conference (INAC) 2018 event in Kuningan-Jakarta, Sept. 12, discussing the current status and future of online advertising and marketing.

Under the theme “Performance-Driven Content Marketing,” the event held by a content discovery platform Dable, featured a wide range of speakers, including Wikan Pribadi (digital fundraising officer, UNICEF), Wahyu Dhyatmika (editor in chief,, Nendra Primonik Sekar Rengganis (director & co-founder,, and Herni Wijaya (Vice President, Leverate Media Asia), all of whom have extensive knowledge of and field experience with the latest marketing trends.

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Starting with a session entitled “Native Ad vs. Display Ad,” INAC examined the status and future of native ads which are increasingly being regarded as an alternative to display ads in the field of digital marketing. The event also discussed successful cases of sales growth and brand marketing through native ads (“Grow Audience through Content Optimization”) and the latest marketing trends, including personalized marketing (“Personalization and Native Ads” and “Reaching Out to the Right Audience”).

Herni Wijaya, Vice President of Leverate Media Asia emphasized that as display ad is evolving, people encounter more and more annoying, the intrusive display ad on web. Meanwhile, online advertising was meant to be compelling, useful, and engaging.

She viewed that content-driven ad format such as Native Ad has a great combination of performance and user experience. “With well-implemented Native Ad, we have seen numerous successful campaigns for prospecting, promoting content, and even conversion,” Herni added.

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Manager Yoon Se-won of the Global Team, who is responsible for Dable’s overseas businesses said that native ads are a form of advertising that can mesh seamlessly with a website’s content.

As their designs match the surrounding images, native ads do not obstruct the user’s interaction with the content and merge smoothly with the medium, making them more effective than display ads. “Native ads currently account for almost 60 percent of the entire American digital advertising market and are growing at a faster rate than display ads.”

According to Yoon, the programmatic ad market and online advertising market in Indonesia are growing rapidly in general. But Dable’s native ad platform, which is equipped with personalization and recommendation technology, is still in its infancy. “We hope that this year’s INAC will contribute to the efforts currently being made to disseminate useful information on native ads and establish ad-related strategies,” Yoon added.

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Dable provides the “Dable Content Recommendation” and “Dable Native Ad” services, which recommend individually tailored content and advertisements to users based on real-time big data processing and personalization and recommendation technologies. In 2017, Dable hosted the Korea Native Ads Conference in Korea.

Dable has recently entered the Indonesian market. So far, it has signed service contracts with 10 of Indonesia’s top 20 media companies (Tempo, Kontan, Republika, JPNN, Hipwee, etc.) and is working to secure inventory. Dable also said that the company is in the process of recruiting advertisers from among local Indonesian companies and international corporations that want to enter the Indonesian market.

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