Korean Startup Dable hits 45 million MAUs in Indonesia

Dable Blog
May 23, 2019 · 2 min read
  • Partnerships with 80 major Indonesian media including Viva, Tempo, Kontan etc.
  • Monthly sales growth rate of 22% in Indonesia, Taiwan and Japan
  • Launched solutions in Vietnam … expands further in Asia

Dable, Content Discovery Platform, hits 45 million monthly active users(MAUs) in Indonesia.

Based in South Korea, Dable had partnered with half of Indonesia’s top 20 media corporations including Viva, Tempo, Kontan etc. and it has 45 million MAUs in Indonesia. Dable utilizes real-time big data processing and personalization technologies to provide two major services: “Dable Content Recommendation” and “Dable Native Ad,” which recommends individually-tailored content and advertisements (e.g. “Content You May Like”).

Since its founding in 2015, Dable has grown rapidly and enjoys an 80-percent market share in Korea. With its outstanding personalization technology and high performance, Dable expanded into Asian market. In 2018, Dable established corporations in Indonesia and Taiwan consisting of local online advertising specialists in efforts to reach the Asian.

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Dable Content Recommendation

Dable Content Recommendation, the service that Dable provides free of charge to media corporations, analyzes the interests of website visitors and recommends relevant content. By connecting users of the PC/Mobile websites of media corporations with individualized content, Dable Content Recommendation increases user’s content usage rates and encourages greater traffic flow.

Dable Native Ad, another of Dable’s services, is seeing noticeable outcomes due to its advertisements being similar in format to website content, which elevate viewer experience and prevent viewing interference. Contrary to existing native ad services which present random advertisements to every user, Dable Native Ad analyzes user interests based on visit information and reflects this analysis to advertisement display.

Dable is growing fast with sales growth of more than 20% in Indonesia, Taiwan and Japan.” said Chaehyun Lee, Dable’s CEO “Dable recently launched solutions in Vietnam too and we plan to expand service areas such as Hong Kong and Malaysia soon. Dable will strive to become the №1 Content Discovery Platform in Asia.”

For more detailed information about Dable, please visit http://dable.io/en/

Dable Blog

№1 Content Discovery Platform — Personalized Recommendation…

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