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What are the Characteristics of a Job Ad Thumbnail Image with high CTR?

We have analyzed the features of thumbnail images regarding job advertising that show high CTR.

This report is created to serve as a helping hand for people who are struggling with utilizing thumbnail images. While observing this report, simply because A displayed a higher CTR than B doesn’t indicate that A provides an absolute solution to achieving performance improvement. Many factors affect CTR including thumbnail images as well as title, exposure time, and exposure media. Many people, however, have been experiencing the improvement in performance by changing their thumbnail images, and marketers who are especially interested in boosting performance can’t overlook the important role of such images. The goal of this report is to provide data-based ideas for those who are facing difficulties due to diverse thumbnail images.

This post encompasses information of thumbnail images with high CTR per category.

In addition, we have provided the characteristics of content with low performance regardless of category at the end of the posting.

*This report was conducted based on Korean content implemented within Dable from 2018 to 2020.

Job Ad Thumbnail Image Keywords


Images were mainly created in the following order: Photo (69.64%), Illustration (20.54%), Others (9.82%). The average CTR of illustration type images was +31.82% higher compared to photo type images.


Images were mainly created in the following order: Character (51.79%), Others (24.11%), Object (16.96%), Service Screen (7.14%). The average CTR of characters or objects as subject was +48.49% higher compared to service screen as subject.

*Characters with faces cut out were indicated as Others.

Number of Persons

Images were mainly created in the following order: Images with less than 2 persons (79.31%), Images with more than 3 persons (20.69%). The average CTR for images showing less than 2 persons was 59.58% higher than images showing 3 persons or more.

Presence or Absence of Text or Logo

Images were mainly created in the following order: Absence of Text or Logo(83.93%), Presence of Text or Logo(10.71%), Other(5.36%). The average CTR for images without Text or Logo was 5.61% higher than images with Text or Logo.

Concluding remarks,

Practice makes perfects. Same goes for advertising.

After seeing hundreds of ads a day, we have realized that advertisers who truly care and have affection towards their products or services perform well. They excel in content diversity and quantity, and are aware what types of content work best. Advertisers who create lots of diverse content (an athlete who spends hours practicing a sport) are bound to achieve good results (make a perfect score). In other words, frequently doing something makes one better at doing it.

The following are the characteristics of low-performing contents that have been found through the reports given so far.

Unclarity on Who sees the Ad

The most basic thing when creating content is knowing your target, i.e. knowing who will see your ad.

For example, in a job advertisement, you may not be sure whether the subject is the people who are looking for a job or whether the subject is the job that is looking for people.

Don’t forget who your ads are targeting unless you are targeting an unspecified majority.

Mismatching Title and Image

Let’s say you have content that uses the image of ‘money’ as a thumbnail. What is the content advertising? finance or insurance?

The title of this content was “We are looking for new employees at our Startup.”

Very few people see ‘money’ and immediately associate ‘startup jobs’. We can imagine potential start-up job seekers who might look at the ‘money’ thumbnail image and would just skip past thinking ‘it’s not related to me’.

Make sure to create a title that fits your content’s concept and use images that relate to the title.

Images that are Difficult to Identify

Small details in images aren’t easily identified. Images that are difficult to identify when exposed onto mobile widgets tend to perform poorly. We recommend that you avoid using images that are captured from the internet and images that do not clearly show the subject.

For more information or questions, please contact ad@dable.io

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