What is the Most Hated Online Advertising Techniques in Korea?[kobaco]

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May 7, 2019 · 2 min read

Many online marketers believe that it’s the best way to increase online advertising performance ; showing their advertisements to as many people as possible and attracting users’ attention even using provocative creative contents.

But it’s not true. Advertising that disturbs consumers can never bring good results.

Consumers will ignore it no matter how much they expose their advertising to consumers. And eventually they’ll leave only negative perceptions of their goods/services to consumers.

Korean Broadcast Advertising Corporation(kobaco) conducted a survey with 4,000 respondents and announced ‘2018 Media&Consumer Research’. And you can check the techniques and content types of online advertising that consumers hate.

The Most Hated Online Advertising Techniques

source from kobaco
  • 39% : ads that don’t have a “close” button or hidden end buttons
  • 30% : pop-ups that suddenly pop out of the ad page and block content
  • 23% : ads that automatically play when they open online page

The Worst Advertising Contents

source from kobaco
  • 31% : sexual content (excessive body exposure, intensive description of body parts etc.)
  • 29% : illegal gambling ads
  • 25% : sex-related products & Body-based advertising(plastic surgery, diet etc.)
  • 24% : advertising for drugs, regulated drugs or other risk items

Park Won-ki, a researcher at Kobaco said “It seems to reflect the fatigue of consumers about forced advertisements on the online.”

It’s time to think about what advertising can achieve the goal with providing user-friendly experiences.

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