DACA Digest: July 14, 2017

Curated news from the DACA Time team

Each week, the DACA Time team provides you with curated news and stories related to DACA and immigration to help raise awareness of the problems we’re trying to solve and the people we’re trying to help.

Raising awareness is a crucial component of social impact:

  • How can you change something no one knows anything about?
  • What support systems already exist for the folks we’re trying to help?
  • Where do we see examples of success that inspire us?
  • Perhaps most importantly, what victories, no matter how tiny, can we celebrate this week?

Beyond the social enterprise space, beyond those directly impacted by DACA and its far-too-often arduous application process, answering these questions helps us better understand how our actions are all connected.

Major Developments

Breaking news this week brought us the story of a closed-door meeting between members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly. The meeting came in response to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s threat, along with other state Attorneys General, to challenge DACA in court if the current administration doesn’t take action to phase it out by early September.

The below article states, “Kelly had doubts about the program’s legal viability,” bringing more uncertainty as to the fate of DACA and its beneficiaries.

Nevertheless, the news of Paxton’s threat to DACA has unleashed a flurry of response across the nation, with commentaries, editorials, and protests in support of Dreamers cropping up in Arkansas, California, Ohio, Texas, and elsewhere. It would be naive to consider DACA’s fate secure, but support continues to be overwhelming.

Success and Support

Indeed, a poll publicized in the article below highlights that 78% of registered voters actively support offering Dreamers legal status, finding also that 74% of conservatives in general support Dreamer protections and going on to note that 50% of people falling within several conservative demographics support offering access to citizenship.

In more concrete and immediate terms, Oregon has granted government-funded healthcare to its over 14,000 undocumented children as a part of the state’s commitment to “Cover All Kids”.

And educators and members of faith communities alike have come out resoundingly in support of DACA students and Dreamers with statements of support from the American Federation of Teachers, the Hispanic Action Network, and a multiracial, interfaith coalition in California.

Immigration in the News

South Carolina made news this week with this story highlighting its denial of occupational licenses to DACA students.

Immigration in general, with DACA and Dreamers discussed specifically, took center stage during a forum hosted by a California Congressman.

And the below story from NPR brings to light the continuing struggle of DACA students to get a college education in New Jersey, which does not offer state financial aid to undocumented immigrants despite other qualifications.

DACA Time Updates

Finally, the DACA Time product underwent a significant user interface refresh while we learned a lot about how to ensure the application process is as intuitive as possible. Read about the latest milestone in DACA Time’s development in our latest product update!

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