Weekly DACA Digest: May 5, 2017

Curated DACA stories from the DACA Time team

Starting this week, we’ll be providing you with curated news and stories related to DACA and immigration to help raise awareness of the problems we’re trying to solve and the people we’re trying to help.

Raising awareness is a crucial component of social impact:

  • How can you change something no one knows anything about?
  • What support systems already exist for the folks we’re trying to help?
  • Where do we see examples of success that inspire us?
  • Perhaps most importantly, what victories, no matter how tiny, can we celebrate this week?

Beyond the social enterprise space, beyond those directly impacted by DACA and its far-too-often arduous application process, answering these questions helps us better understand how our actions are all connected.

DACA in the News

Despite its controversy and uncertain future during the Trump campaign, the protections DACA offers its recipients continue to hold their ground:

And the Huffington Post reports that the Trump administration continues to hedge on its promise to eliminate DACA despite waning support from groups insisting he act:

Various sources continue to report more locally on results of the ITEP study on undocumented immigrants’ current and potential tax contributions:

Success & Support

Four distinct stories this week demonstrate the role higher educational institutions and their student bodies and groups play in supporting undocumented immigrants, DACA-eligible or not.

Dreamers Club at Washington State University Tri-Cities:

UndocuAlly at Cal State East Bay:

Despite assertions that the University of Arizona could do more to support the immigrant student body, the Immigrant Student Resource Center makes an impact:

Undocumented Vincentians & Allies at DePaul University:

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