Disrupting the Disptrupter — The Combination Of Blockchain And A Ride-Hailing App That Can Completely Change The Industry.

Blockchain-based startups are changing how we do business. 
Another one to join the list is DACSEE, shortened for Decentralized Alternative Cabs Serving and Empowering Everyone.

Lim Chiew Shan, the CEO of the company, said: “We believe in genuine, creative and innovative ideas will win the game. There are no shortcuts.”

It is a decentralized ridesharing platform that already has over 30,000 registered drivers. This may not look like a very impressive number to some but compare it to the number of Uber drivers in Malaysia and you will see how massive DACSEE already is.

Why Malaysia? Because it is a Malaysian startup that intends to go global soon. Uber currently appears to be the number one platform in Malaysia with over 100,000 drivers. However, it is not the number one preference for many due to the controversies it is often surrounded by.

Let’s have a look at what’s causing people to stay away from Uber:

Growing Crimes and Security Concerns
Uber drivers have been involved in a number of sexual assault cases around the world. While the company promises security, it seems to have failed to provide drivers and passengers with the level of security that they need.

Drivers have been at the receiving end as well. A passenger was recently caught stealing tips from a driver.

Such instances are forcing drivers to quit platforms like Uber and try alternatives like DACSEE. The blockchain based network scans all applicants and only accepting drivers who come with a recommendation to take part in the DACSEE ecosystem. This ensures only experienced, skilled, and trustable drivers are joining the ecosystem.

Moreover, the company also offers a ‘one button help’ option where passengers can reach the helpline if they ever feel that they are in danger. Plus, passengers also have the option to pick their preferred driver. This can be a difference maker for female passengers who may feel unsafe with a male driver, especially late at night. Similarly, drivers also have the option to reject rides if they feel unsafe.

A passenger who recently experienced the service said, “It’s great. I can add a driver that I like to my own network and then book this specific driver for my next ride– it doesn’t get better than this.”

Unsafe Data and Hacking
 Many drivers and passengers are concerned about using Uber and other such platforms due to the risk of their personal information reaching unsafe hands.

Drivers have to provide the company with their personal information including ID cards. Such information is usually kept in the cloud, which is susceptible to attacks. In fact, Uber was hacked last year and details of millions of drivers and passengers were leaked.

For this very reason, many passengers are also afraid of using Uber and Grab since their addresses and payment details can reach unsafe hands.

More Profit for Drivers, Fewer Expenses For Passengers
 Ridesharing may be more affordable than riding a cab, but it’s still more expensive than owning a car. This is why ridesharing only covers 9% of the market with a large number of passengers opting to have their own car.

DACSEE, however, plans on changing this with the introduction of a Rewards Program that gives points to drivers for providing exceptional services. The points are based on passenger feedback and can be used to purchase items on the platform.

In addition to this, it’s affordable for passengers as well. They do not have to worry about extra charges as the system is designed to reduce fare by eliminating fees.

A driver who recently joined the network said, “I am quite excited to be a part of DACSEE. I have worked for other companies previously, but this is the best experience I have had. I am making more money and the system is also very easy to use.”

Another driver said, “I didn’t know much about ICO or blockchain before I heard of DACSEE. It appears to be a good substitute to traditional ridesharing options. It’s safer and gives the control in the hand of the driver.”

Drivers seem to be quite satisfied with the service. They get to make good money without having to worry about painful conditions. This is of huge importance especially since Uber has been rumored to be stealing money from passengers and drivers by using different tactics.