Aquatic Animations in html, css and js

This was an aquarium i made for my website in geocities long ago, later packaged for iGoogle. It became very popular and used tremendous bandwidth of the host yahoo. Now this is obsolete, as we have many apps and games in tablets and netbooks.

See Live Widget at Github

Add to your blog, use the iframe code at aquatic

DACT Auarium on GitHub

Aquarium Antics

Add to your blog, use the iframe code at aquarium

See Gadget in my Blog DACT Aquarium Widgets

Animated Aquarium, iGoogle Gadget with Moving Fishes and Plants

This is a Cross Browser DHTML Aquarium. If you Click on Glass it will bubble air to add fresh air for the Aquatic Life.

Historically this is the Gadget that Launched a 1000 Gadgets in the Web and on Portable Devices. Made Virtual Pets Popular, even in the new social networks. ;-) Now this gadget, got canvas view too.

First Gadget — Animated Aquarium Gadget with Moving Fishes and Plants.

Improved for Canvas — Sea Aquarium Gadget, Canvas View, Performers include Starfish, AngelFish and Seaweed.