Wayback DACT

The Life History of a Nobody

I have been writing and creating online since 1999, first with html editors and ftp. My First Website was at sites.netscape.net and later geocities, tripod, nbci ... etc.

In the early ninety's i have used things like norton editor(ne), vi editor, awk, Lotus 123, Informix and understood a little about data.

My computing experience started with DOS, Win 3.11 and SCO Unix. Around 286, 386 times. The only Connected Internet Like thing was Delrina Win Fax on a Gateway 2000 Modem, then BBS, and later my world changed with Netscape 3.04 and an update would take all night on 33 Kbps DUN.

My first dual file manager XTree Gold and norton commander(ftp) and accounting was done with quicken and myob in the early 90s.

FTP was WS-ftp and mail client was Eudora.

I have been thru the dotcom boom as a Nobody. Xdrive gave 5Mb free Online Storage and NBCI broke records with 500Mb where people stored mp3 for winamp.

Peedy the parrot kept me company, it was AI Bird that was pretty dumb. He would sing “Daisy Bell” when he was in a good mood. He was a Secret Microsoft Agent.

An old Deskshot from my 386

Then came free domains and email. I had a mail.com and email.com pop3 free email. Yahoo too gave free pop3 later. All things disappeared in a couple of years or less.

In Y2K Dilbert movies on TV gave me worldly wisdom that only Scott Adams can boast of.

Around 2005 iGoogle brought much happiness to many.

iGoogle days

JR — Friendly Giant Monster used to work for iGoogle‎. He has now moved on to the African Coast after he became Little People.

A Doodle that reminds me of Google Code in the goog old days, now GitHub has taken its place. Google wears dark Glasses and does not recognize old friends now.

The Goog old Google of those days

From 1999 to now i have been writing things online. Bizarre, Humorous, Technical and Serious Ideas that have helped many Firms and people.

Newton got his thing under the Apple Tree and Buddha got most everything under the Bodhi Tree. I got my something under the Maple Tree.

When i saw the Helicopter Seed spin, fly and land far away from the tree, it flashed to me that the Creator was an Intelligent Designer, a Super Engineer with a colorful sense of humor.

This seed cannot happen by evolution, it is impossible. Evolution can only improve or adapt a design. Darwin had uncovered one small process of the Intelligent Designer, people misinterpreted it and drew wrong conclusions.

Yes there is an Intelligent Robotic Engineer who made us all, but never packed a Instruction or Service manual on delivery.

(my first post online using pmachine near the year 2000, this did create lot of ripples and may have even created a few belief groups. Reminds me of “The shroud of Wally” in dilbert)

Think of me a as a Cyborg or an Android,

I am “The Bot with a Soul”

(the above phrase is an old tagline of my own creation)

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