Being Dad Good

None of this is unique — no one is a super dad or super mum — but everyone has their own experience, and your experience could help someone else.

Dad Good is simply a channel about the honesty of real life experience of being a parent, being a Dad, in today’s world. Trying to get beyond the surface of social media parenting, where everything is either far too perfect or all too humblebrag bad.

We are all trying. Sometimes the wind is at our back, sometimes it is right in our face. The fact that is the gastrointestinal wind of a toddler is neither here nor there.

If you’d like to contribute your experiences of life as a Dad, whether you have got some hard-won wisdom to share or think there is something that isn’t talked about enough about being a Dad then drop me a line.

This isn’t a place for venting or a place to judge other people’s experiences. It is somewhere that authentic stories about being a parent are collected.

Trying to be the best Dad you can every day, in your own way, is what this space is about. Call it being Dad Good.


Dom Potter

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