Discover True Happiness !!

I want to be happy, but What is Happiness?

Modern science says that happiness is a positive range of emotions experienced when we’re content or full of joy.

Akram Vignan, a Spiritual Science, says that true happiness is such that it is never followed by unhappiness and never fades away.

Yes… sometimes… but that’s life!

This state of happiness is generally followed by some unhappiness when these situations and objects change. That means it is not true happiness. Should you not reach a state where you experience true happiness?

Tell me more about how to make myself happy in all situations…

Suppose you overhear someone say, “John is a very bad person.” If your name is John, then hearing this will agitate you. Later, if your friend tells you, “No! They are talking about some other John,” then you would immediately feel relieved.

Why? It’s simply because you realized that they were not talking about you.

So, the key to happiness is to realize your true Self, ‘You’ (the Self) will not be affected by any adverse circumstances and this will be the start of your journey towards eternal happiness!

Realize… ? I am ‘John’ (insert your name)!

If I ask you, “Are you ‘John’ or is your name ‘John’? It’s your name, isn’t it? Then who are you?

Do you say, “These are my eye glasses” or “I am eye glasses”? Doesn’t this imply that you are separate from the glasses? Similarly, don’t you think that you are separate from your name? Since you do not know who you really are, you believe yourself to be the name that you have been given when you were born.

Now, will you not have to know who ‘You’ really are? You can only realize your true Self, once you achieve Self Realization.

How can Self Realization be attained?

Self Realization is attained through Gnan Vidhi, a scientific process in this unique path of Akram Vignan.

This invaluable experience is available to all within just two hours at no cost.