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A Renewed DAD 2.0 — — To provide a bridge connecting Web 3.0 network traffic in the Metaverse era

Dear DAD users and community members,

2021 has been a vital year not only for the whole blockchain industry and crypto space but also for DAD, and DAD has had several achievements. At the development level, the DAD project has become more mature and complete; in the product perspective, core features such as DAO, NFT market, and use cases are beginning to take shape; DAD has joined the Coinbase custody, and the global market has been expanded steadily.

Adapting to the current industry development and seizing the latest opportunities, DAD decides to launch DAD 2.0 and a renewal plan starting from the entire brand and vision in the upcoming year: we will combine blockchain technology to solve the advertising problem in the Metaverse era and provide a bridge to connect Web 3.0 network traffic in the Metaverse era.

The DAD 2.0 new website and whitepaper now is available


What is DAD 2.0?

DAD 1.0 focused on building the new generation of decentralized advertising public chain. While DAD 2.0 pays more attention to the web 3.0 world and is dedicated to becoming The bridge to connect Web 3.0 network traffic in the Metaverse era.

What problems does DAD solve?

  1. local regulatory policies, unequal information in different places, and limited payment methods.
  2. Traditional advertising only puts in information and cannot directly deliver value.
  3. We cannot count the user behavior in the future Metaverse world, nor can we judge the digital identity and potential user value in the Metaverse world.

DAD 2.0 features

Dedicated to the subdivided fields linking “virtual” and “reality” bridges in the Internet industry of the metaverse and the web 3.0 era, DAD solves the limits and problems of the current blockchain industry development, satisfies the needs of the booming on-chain advertising business, and actively launches new advertising business forms.

  1. Pay without borders. DAD 2.0 Support digital assets with value and liquidity as an advertising payment method and take the smart contract as a contract signing method.
  2. Value delivery — “highly interactive” delivery. DAD 2.0 changed the way of delivering advertising, it enables task-oriented advertisers’ token airdrop and NFT airdrop in advertisement delivery.
  3. DAO Governance. DAD 2.0 focus on researching the collection and delivery mode of media, products, and channels in the blockchain field
  4. Blockchain-based Delivery database. This is based on blockchain technology, in the process of delivering to the audience, taking address as destination, collecting the audience’s behavior data on the chain, supplementing the user portrait on the chain, and building the unique online user database of DAD.
  5. Token Economy. Advertisers can stake DAD and get more advertising exposure opportunities. Users can stake DAD to get more task incentives.

The DAD 2.0 tokenomics

Based on the tokenomics of DAD 1.0, DAD 2.0 adds more usage scenarios for DAD tokens, highlighting the role of DAD token in the DAO governance and decentralization, in addition, on-chain advertising data index charge is also one of the important functions of DAD tokens.

DAD(Token) is the native token of the DAD project, it can be used for:

• Advertisement Fee Payment and User Incentive

• Community Governance

• Staking

• User on-chain data index service charge

The DAD 20. roadmap

DAD 2.0 divides the roadmap into 4 main stages including Gate, Bridge, Commerce, and D, depicting the future milestones of DAD from perfecting the algorithm model, building on-chain data frameworks, publishing user portrait databases, promoting DAO into use, smoothly running the advertising business placement process and expanding business layout.

Stage 1: Gate Era Q4 of 2021 to Q1 of 2022

At this stage, DAD will be focusing on expanding users’ attention range and opening up the migration channel of audience traffic from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.

Stage 2: Bridge Era Q1 of 2022 to Q2 of 2022

Bridge advertisers and audience.

Stage 3: Commerce Era Q3 of 2022 to Q2 of 2023

Realize the overall automatic process of advertising in the blockchain world

Stage 4: D Era Q3 of 2023 TO Q1 of 2024

Realize the vision of being Flow Bridge in Metaverse world.

In the pretty near future, DAD will bridge audiences and advertisers in the web 3.0 world and Metaverse through the original Advertise-to-Earn model, making advertising more open, enjoyable, efficient, and free, and bringing new innovations and experiences to the residents of Metaverse in the social, entertainment and trading experience perspective.




This page will update News, Progress and Event info of DAD Chain.

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