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DAD Monthly Report 2020–07


Product & DApp

  • DSP bidding system design, including RTB interface design, AdExchange docking, adapter, processor requirements, 80% completed;
  • Research on advertising anti-fraud risk control strategies, including pre-prevention, interception during the event, and post-event processing. 60% completed;
  • Scenario breakdown of risk control, including fraudulent traffic, fake accounts, money laundering, etc.

Market & PR

  1. Ranked 155th in CoinMarketCap, DAD strives to move into the Top 100.
  2. DAD Chain has signed the Presidio Principles launched by the World Economic Forum.
  • Transparency & Accessibility
  • Agency & Interoperability
  • Privacy & Security
  • Accountability & Governance

Community Building

Team & Recruitment

개발 진척

제품 & DApp

마케팅 & PR

  • 투명성 및 접근성
  • 에이전시와 멀래스터리
  • 프라이버시와 보안
  • 관리와 문책제

커뮤니티 건설

팀& 모집

  • 베테랑 Go 개발 엔지니어
  • 암호학 전문가
  • 인공지능 알고리즘 엔지니어
  • 커뮤니티 운영 매니저
  • 비즈니스 발전 (BD)

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