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Issue 1. Winning the Toss

By Bill Morrison

No matter how much preparation is done beforehand, no father-to-be can ever be prepared for what lies ahead, and let’s face it, everyone has to make their own mistakes. A lot has been written about motherhood in the way of guidance and there is good reason for this. But I am really amazed at how intuition takes over; mothers just appear to be naturals, not needing grand-motherly advice, just getting on with the job as if born to it.

Not so with fathers. From the moment the father-to-be enters the birthing ward the pressure is on. There is a job to do and who better to meet this challenge than the person who got the team into this situation in the first instance. Depending upon the length of the innings there will be the need to rally the troops and get runs on the board. Someone has to dig-in and provide some solid backbone and who is better to do this than the father. Whether it’s an opening stand or a middle order dig, it needs to be played with a straight bat and an eye to the weather. It’s a captain’s knock which is needed. If only we can get through to drinks it should be possible to avoid the follow-on.

Bill Morrison (bat) with David (keeper).

Now this is something all fathers-to-be should be aware of — the follow-on. Getting through the first innings is one thing but there is more to this game than meets the eye. This is where male intuition comes into its own, knowing when to declare and when to pass the ball, is a finely honed skill that fathers come to naturally and refine over their career. It’s about survival and male defense mechanisms. It has been said that many a career has flourished at the outset of father-hood, with the need to attend early morning meetings and put in late evenings.

You might get through the day’s play but you never get to pull up stumps.

Bill Morrison. 
Father of David. All-knowing entity. Cricket lover.

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