Meeting the Needs of Modern Dads

Our logo is a shield that represents a dad that is involved with his child’s upbringing. A dad that nurtures, protects, and educates his son or daughter.

Support for parenting has historically focused more on how mothers can best fulfill their children’s needs. However, the role of dads has evolved into more than the breadwinners and stern disciplinarians of past generations.

The definition of a “good dad” has changed to a father who is involved, caring, and supportive. Good dads don’t just coach sports teams, they help with homework, spend quality time, nurture, plan out activities, and even have “the talk.”

While many dads express a desire to “do fatherhood differently” and build greater connections with their children, there’s no single convenient resource where today’s dads can find support, guidance and a community to comfortably share experiences.

So where can a modern man learn to flex his “Awesome Dad” skills?

That’s why we created Daddy Knows Too: An open platform where dads can ask the important questions, share ideas and activity inspiration, find advice that’s relevant to the unique role of modern “dadding” all in one great community. The app provides a one-stop resource for all the information dads need to parent with confidence.

And because every one of us is on the go, Daddy Knows Too is conveniently built as a mobile app, helping you answer even the most urgent answers right when you need them!

So come on in and join the Daddy Knows Too community! Signing up only takes a minute and inside you’ll find loads of tips, know-how, local events and a great community of dads coming together to be the most awesome dads we can be.