Conceptual Spiders

Hi there, guys! I’m Nicole and as stated in my bio I’m currently studying to be a make up artist and costume stylist for film, in my school we call it “CMS” (costume, make up and styling) and that is how I will refer to it here on out. Now, I am in my last year and currently working on my project, our Graduation film. Now I don’t want to give any spoilers for our project so I thought it’d be fun to just tell you a bit about my inspiration for their styling.

Now, usually when I design a character I literally sit in front of a laptop and research the emotions behind colour and my logic goes “This character is happy, yellow is happy, this character will wear yellow.” (Kay it was a little more thought out than that XD). I’m very bored with that method so for this project I decided to do something different. The title of this project is Daddy LongLegs so, naturally, the first thing I thought of for inspiration in the styling was spiders. Now, one of the characters, when I read them, immediately made me think of poison, something that consumes you painfully before ultimately destroying you. So for that character I decided to look at venomous spiders.

Fun fact paragraph: The difference between venomous and poisonous can be easily remembered like this: If it bites you and you die, it’s venomous. If you bite and you die, it’s poisonous.

Image is from this site:

That lovely thing up there is called a Mouse spider and I’m considering using his colours for the more darker scenes.

I cannot for the life of me find the name of this spider, I think it’s some kind of tarantula, which is venomous but won’t kill you. I just love, love, love these colours and I want to use these for the more somber scenes.

So I’m cheating a bit and also looked at a few snakes. I like this colour scheme here because orange is quite a cheerful colour but when you combine it with grey and red it looks dangerous, as seen above. I want to use this scheme in the beginning when things are a bit more happy, but I still want to warn the audience that this character isn’t quite as he seems.

I used to be quite the nature buff when I was younger, and one thing I clearly remember is: Venomous and poisonous animals are colourful. They’re warning other predators not to eat them, that they are dangerous. With this knowledge I wrongly assumed that non venomous spiders would be dull. This made me apprehensive of using the same method to style the protagonist as I did with the previous character. Past me would throw a fit, she probably knew this logic was flawed. I was right to an extent, but there are equally as many venomous spiders who are coloured dully as non-venomous ones. I Googled non-venomous for fun and found these little cuties.

That adorable thing is called the Peacock spider and again I am just in love with his colours and their arrangement. One thing I’ve realised is that non-venomous spiders being this colourful actually really works in my favour. The protagonist of this project is trying to prove she’s tough, she wants to be the toughest person she can be but really it’s all an act, she’s quite harmless. So dressing her in similar colours to the “dangerous” character while keeping with her own style works really well.

I’m going to end this post off with this cutie up here, again I’m thinking of these colours for the more lighthearted parts of the movie but for the protagonist. Thank you so much for reading, I am still very much in the conceptual stage for these characters , and while I don’t want to be giving anything of the story away I look forward to telling you guys of further developments :)

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