Closing the gap

Ok in my last blog, “Can you be too innovative” I asked myself and my readers, if it’s possible that your product is too innovative for the market.
Ok I haven’t many followers on this platform yet, but the response on Facebook was very interesting. One of my Facebook friends, an innovation manager at Ericsson said the following thing:

You’re not too innovative, then you would be without customers. How about becoming a trainer first. Educate your potential clients on what they are missing without knowing it. Then they can start looking for a solution which is hopefully yours. ~Martin Hobé

It’s definitely an interesting thought and to be honest, it’s something I was thinking about myself. I already had the feeling that there was a gap in between what we defined as a problem for real estate agents (after talking to many of them), and what they thought was a problem. And I will not even start with the solution we provided and what they asked for.

But Martin is right here, we do have clients which are happy to use our product and are willing to pay for it. And yes they are happy and eager to work with us. I would define this group of real estate agents, as pioneers which are always interested in things that will help in their daily business by increasing both output and customer satisfaction.

So maybe the answer is indeed to act as a trainer, the “Hoomz trainer” not to be confused with the “hometrainer”. Make them aware (in a very positive and understanding way) of the fact that a lot is happening online that they don’t know about, that they can use the data that is gathered on platforms they (already) use and that they can actually have influence on the stuff that is happening online. As long as they are putting some effort in it….ofcourse with the help from us.

By filling up the “knowledge” or “understanding” gap, we can hopefully create a bridge to our product. Without the need of downgrading our product with the chance of losing impact on a longer term. 
Yeah while writing this blog, I can feel the energy coming back. 
It’s time for a new chapter in the Hoomz story, it’s time for a new experiments to find how we can close the gap.

Talk to you all soon, good night! :-)