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AMA recap: October 6th, 2018

Transcript of this week’s AMA covering the newly updated roadmap and other network questions

Question 1:

Where are we on collaborating with virtual masternode hosting websites like WireHive or using VPS for nodes?

Joseph Denne
Efforts on this front have progressed significantly. We have a build process for all major architectures in place, and on the back of that working nodes for all of the major VPS providers. (Yes, this includes AWS, Digital Ocean et al.) We will be providing how-to articles in due course, but note that our primary focus is in the building of a network outside of the data centre environment, so this is a relatively low priority for us.

Question 2:

Please explain the procedure for POS staking of tokens. It seems like DADI will take possession of all the tokens. What steps are being taken to ensure the security of tokens and is there some insurance cover for stakers if something happens to the smart contract?

James Lambie
We’ll be asking node holders to provide an Ethereum wallet address on their account page within my.dadi.cloud. Once we have that, we will provide the address for a smart contract that will receive the PoS. A transaction history will be available to show that we have received the PoS.

As with all Ethereum smart contracts, the PoS smart contract will be publicly accessible. The contract will be audited by a third party to ensure no vulnerabilities. The immutability of the blockchain guarantees stability and availability for all published contracts so the risk of something happening to the contract is pretty low.

Question 3:

Any partnerships with IoT industry planned or in the works?

James Lambie
We have some well progressed discussions with multiple IoT providers, there will be more information on this in due course. Watch this space!

Joseph Denne
To note, because of the sensitivity of this space we really can’t talk about this in any detail, but there are several conversations open and ongoing.

Question 4:

Who won the DADI Foundation Challenge Award?

Joseph Denne
The Foundation will be announcing this themselves in the coming weeks. We’re very happy with the level and quality of the applications received — over 100 comprehensive applications from diverse set of organisations all over the world. I couldn’t be more pleased with the start that the DADI Foundation has had. Jennifer and her team are doing amazing work.

Question 5:

Will DADI consider making Gateways that the community can just buy instead of trying to build one ourselves?

James Lambie
Yes, we love this idea. We’re planning on making elements of the network backbone rentable, either on a whole or part ownership basis. The idea is still on the drawing board, but we’ll be progressing it in earnest as we move in to 2019.

Question 6:

With so many other blockchain companies going into CDN space, how does DADI intend to differentiate given that it’s not yet well known?

Joseph Denne
Well as far as I know we’re the only viable — as in live with production traffic — decentralized CDN in the world. So, there’s that. We also have market leading functionality. DADI CDN isn’t just about content distribution, it’s about media manipulation. You can use it to dynamically resize and treat your images and other assets in real time, based on the nature of request from your end user. For example, you can serve more compressed images to users on mobile connections. Want to see what it can? You can check out a live demo here: https://docs.dadi.cloud/sandbox/dadi-cdn

Finally, it’s important to state that DADI is much, much more than just a CDN. First and foremost, we’re a network. And DADI CDN is but one decentralized app running on that network. There are many more to come.

Question 7:

Can/will you be releasing progress reports available to the community? For example, quarterly updates on events attended, partners made, advisors joined, developments achieved, things that changed in those months.

Joseph Denne
Mea culpa 😳
I started this in Q4 last year, but missed releasing an updating in Q2 and Q3 2018. I’m not sure why, but will put it down to quite how busy we’ve been! (So much good stuff being built here!) I’ll get the missed quarters written up ASAP, and will then continue to publish updates quarterly. If I miss any again, please shout in my general direction.

Question 8:

Any other advantages for network participants besides earnings that could be highlighted in future campaigns?

James Lambie
Earnings is the big one of course, but we are also looking at initiatives including a carbon offset programme for contributing devices, or partnerships which will facilitate part or full payment for new devices that connect to the network over a contracted period.

Follow up: Sorry, don’t follow. You mean the person is reimbursed for their device?

James Lambie
To be clear, the carbon offset programme will use revenue created by the network to deliver green initiatives (for example, planting trees) to offset device usage.

Question 9:

I understand that Gateways and Stargates on-boarding are not due until Q3 2019 at the earliest. What options are there for me as a holder of over 800k tokens in the immediate future besides running over 100 Hosts? What plans does the team have for people like us to discourage us from reducing stake?

Joseph Denne
You can reach out to us directly. We’re onboarding with early partners now, and intend to extend this in the coming couple of months to include larger token holders. Exactly what this looks like is TBC, but I would assume that it will take the form of buying in to a Gateway within the network backbone (through the attribution of your POS).

Question 10:

What contingencies are there for Founding Node owners if the device develops an issue or a component gets damage? Will we be able to get replacements from the market or need to contact the team?

James Lambie
The team is here to support you and we’ll do our best to assist members of our Founding Node community. It’s possible that we may have replacement components available at cost, but I guess it depends on the nature of the problem. We’ll be including a Returns address when sending out the Founding Nodes so in the worst case you could send it back to us in London and we’ll see what we can do.

Question 11:

Does DADI work with market markers for steady volume on trading exchanges? I see the volume levels have been impeccably steady over time.

Joseph Denne
Yes, we work with one of the most reputable market-making businesses to provide liquidity across key exchanges. We’d be happy to share more information on this relationship but will need to speak to our partner first, which I’ll do next week.

Follow up: Will there be any DADI OTC options in the future, maybe through this leading market maker? I know a team with significant interest.

Joseph Denne
Yes. We can facilitate this now and would be happy to make introductions.

Question 12:

What other reasons make DADI a better choice instead of Amazon AWS besides lower cost and decentralized node geolocation? Is DADI as secure and stable as Amazon AWS and how you can prove it?

Joseph Denne
Isn’t a lower price point and decentralized — thus faster — delivery enough?! Well, in addition to this DADI’s web services provide the fastest route to market for a digital product, making it the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership) of any competing stack.

I’m interested in what makes you think that AWS is inherently secure and stable… it’s not. It’s only as secure and stable as the application that you deploy to it. And yes, DADI competes on these fronts. The proof is in the pudding: use it and see for yourself.

James Lambie
Also, the usability of the interfaces provided by AWS for every single one of their products is appalling. DADI software has been designed for ease of use and happy users.

Paul Regan
Also, AWS exists to buy Mr. Bezos yachts and jets. DADI exists to share the wealth created by digital services. And it’s greener too. 😄

Question 13:

If my network runs with a VPN, is there any disadvantages/advantages to this? For example, can I VPN from Europe to US to have my node operate in another country that may see higher traffic? And would this impact the performance, or will the node be aware and act differently?

Arthur Mingard
We’d suggest adding bypassing rules to your VPN in order to connect within the correct region. The Host application is smart enough to reduce the number of hops, connecting to a nearby Gateway even when running through your VPN, but to get most out of it, it’s best to use a local VPN.

Question 14:

When will DADI begin to advertise in earnest?

Joseph Denne
TBC. Our channels strategy is focused on partnerships in the first stages: with agencies, with OEMs and with brands. Once the network reaches scale we will begin direct customer sales, which will include advertising.

Question 15:

What kind of devices are you going to start selling in the DADI Shop from January 2019?

Joseph Denne
Oh, how we’d love to answer this in detail now, but we can’t talk about it yet! Suffice to say we have a number of new devices in development with our industrial design partner Blond, each of which build on the Founding Node concept — the first should be in market during Q1 next year and be of a larger capacity. (That sound you can hear in the background is everyone telling me to stop talking! More details after Christmas. Promise.)

Question 16:

Is the mainnet still scheduled for Q4 and what percentage of existing clients have moved over to the DADI network so far, based on the upgrade agreements the team mentioned earlier?

Arthur Mingard
The mainnet is live (to be pedantic 🙂) but yes, we remain on track for ‘Constellation’ late in Q4, which is where clients will be able to start using CDN without our hand-holding. In the meantime, we are working with three existing and three new clients to onboard products to the network. We cannot be more specific out of respect to those we are working with but will be making announcements in due course.

Question 17:

Will there be a platform release at some stage that will allow contributors to connect with each other to pool resources and share in node returns?

Arthur Mingard
There are currently a few models we’re working with to allow shared ownership and thus revenue sharing, being careful to restrict the potential excessive dominance from large/irresponsible providers. In terms of resource pooling, there are no benefits to sharing hardware resources, as a single machine, even low powered IoT devices, are capable of contribution. The network will rely as much on spare computational power as dedicated resources, reducing the barrier for entry. If your computer uptime meets the minimum contribution duration, you’re good to go.

Question 18:

Is it recommended (for privacy/security reasons) to separate the founding node in/from the private home network? If so, will you instruct inexperienced people somehow how to do this (top level instruction)?

Arthur Mingard
Founding nodes will remain self-updating for all major updates, security patches and fixes. All measures are taken to ensure that there is no risk both to and from your home network to the Host application.

Question 19:

DADI Store is planned to be network-ready in Q1 2019, how soon will the community be able to test a user-ready beta version?

James Lambie
We hope to have a beta version available for testing by the wider community by the end of Q4.

Question 20:

When will the global map on dadi.cloudshow live data from the network?

Arthur Mingard
This will come shortly after constellation goes live, in line with the release of the network telemetry suite.

Question 21:

The team has been working together for about 5 years now which is commendable. With a finished product out now and network scaling commencing, where do you see DADI in the next two years in terms of the technology, the network and token value?

Joseph Denne
I’ve been working with my co-founders for 20 years, if you can believe it. Mad. I don’t like to speculate on token value as $DADI is a utility (although it’s bonkers that the token price is so low given that many top 100 tokens don’t have a working product, have little to no traction and in many cases are not even registered businesses and as a result are unbanked!), but we plan to have clients in the hundreds and contributors in the thousands. Our network will have been through many development iterations and we’ll have our full proposed suite of applications ready for client use, as per our recently updated roadmap: https://dadi.cloud/en/roadmap/. Our marketplace will be established, too, which means third party applications — including those of our partners — will be in full swing.

I also suspect there will be a number of people wondering why they didn’t sign up to contribute two years ago when they first had the chance.

Question 22:

With regard to the iOS and Android apps, how far along is development? Do they affect performance, battery life and are they invasive to the device?

Arthur Mingard
We have a proof of concept for iOS, meaning we know that Host will run in an app environment. There’s a lot of work to do here in relation to performance impact testing, but we’re off to a great start.

Question 23:

How do you intend to deliver updates safely to the nodes on the network without disrupting them or causing undue downtime?

Arthur Mingard
The update process is load balanced. When an update is deployed, the rollout process takes into account the current application load, introducing redundancy when required, before commencing a staggered blue/green deployment process.

Question 24:

Is there a possibility we’ll see ‘DADI Compatible’ labels on Philips light bulb packages in the future? Is this how DADI sees it? What would be the advantage for Philips and its customers to have a DADI compatible light bulb?

James Lambie
Setting Philips aside as the example for a moment, yes. We see a huge opportunity for partners to include DADI technology in connected devices and bring with it myriad possibilities for new revenue or customer subsidy, for example.

Question 25:

As participants in the DADI network, will node owners sign an agreement?

Joseph Denne
There will be terms & conditions attached to provision of the POS, which itself is a prerequisite to attaching a node to the network. So, in short: yes.

Question 26:

Is DADI interested in selling (anonymized) sensordata to databrokers/datahandlers like DataBrokerDAO or Streamr?

Arthur mingard
The DADI network is built to support a wide range of applications, and as we progress through the roadmap the possibilities increase exponentially. Streamr, DataBrokerDAO and other realtime data streaming applications will most certainly be deployable on the network, but we aren’t interested in selling user data. Privacy is important to us.

Question 27:

When Constellation launches at the end of the year, how many Hosts does the team expect to onboard and what will be the estimated network capacity?

Arthur Mingard
On top of the 300 Founding nodes, we’ve provisioned a distributed backbone as part of our partnerships with a number of datacenter providers. As a result, there’s a lot of flexibility in the network capacity with comfortable room for growth.

Written by Bolaji Oyewole. Bolaji is the Community Manager at DADI.




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