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DADI / KYC process

First up, we would like to start with our sincere gratitude for your love and support so far. Over the past week we have had 100,000 people register to participate in the Crowdsale on our site, and a further 18,000 join our Telegram group.

This support has been truly humbling; we didn’t expect this level of support to come so fast.

We will be kicking off our Know your customer (KYC) on-boarding from Tuesday the 09th of January at 12:00 UTC (midday).

This is the process through which we request and verify the identity of participants in the Crowdsale. Running KYC is part of the process that we are putting in place to help make the Crowdsale as fair as possible, by, for example, removing the possibility for duplicate accounts.

The process for KYC will be as follows:

Applicants will be asked to provide additional information for their profile, specifically:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Street address
  • City
  • Postal code
  • Country
  • Date of birth
  • ERC-20 wallet address

Applicants will be asked to upload two forms of ID in their profile page on dadi.cloud:

  • Passport or other national ID (driving license or ID card)
  • Utility bill or bank statement (showing their address)
Screenshot of the WIP updates to the profile page, with KYC enabled

KYC processing times will vary.

Applicants that can be automatically verified by our system will be verified very quickly.

Applicants that can’t be verified automatically or that require additional checks will be manually processed. This process will take more time (1–5 days is expected, depending on volume).

In the first instance, individuals that applied for the Presale whitelist lottery will be asked to undertake KYC.

These 2,500 participants will be emailed with a reminder on Tuesday morning.

All other participants will be invited to begin the process no later than Friday 12th of January at 12:00 UTC (midday).

Any questions? Reach out on Telegram or Discord.



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