DADI partners with Agorai

New AI marketplace will use DADI cloud services

The democratisation of the internet is a founding principle of DADI cloud services and today we are proud to announce a partnership with Agorai — the blockchain-based marketplace offering fair access to artificial intelligence software and data assets.

Working together in support of fairer internet

Agorai’s mission is to ensure the benefits of AI are controlled not only by large organisations, but also by smaller businesses and individuals that would not otherwise be able to afford to leverage the technology. People from all over the world will be able to contribute their own AI applications, tools and data assets and receive payment based on the usage of their contributions.

The Agorai marketplace will run on the DADI network, plus we’ll work with their team to further develop AI capability within our technology. It’s a great fit for DADI, which also aims to bring the balance of computing power back to the people by offering cloud services free from the control of large corporations such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

The announcement has been made today to coincide with a keynote speech by Agorai CEO Josh Sutton at the World Blockchain Forum in Dubai.

“Integrating with DADI will provide our participants with a much-needed choice of how they interact with our platform, keeping costs low, distributing compute power and ensuring anyone can access our platform to make use of data assets, or to access AI tools and applications,” he said.

We’ll be working closely with Josh and his team to support the Agorai marketplace as it moves towards launch later this year.

Written by Paul Regan. Paul is the Product Director at DADI.

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