DADI Public sale: sold out

We’re pleased to announce the DADI Public sale is now sold out. If you are among our successful participants, thank you — but if you were not able to join us, we really hope you can contribute to the network (and earn DADI tokens) when it goes live later this year.

Soon we’ll publish details on exactly how the Public sale progressed (just as we did with the Presale), but for now please do not send any more ETH to any wallet addresses. It is NOT POSSIBLE to contribute to the DADI Public sale now and any given addresses will be scams. You have been warned.

Tokens will be distributed after the scheduled crowdsale period finishes (February 28th), or sooner if at all possible. They will be unlocked from the moment they are released and we will be listing on exchanges during Q2.

Questions? We’re still available on Telegram or Discord.

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