Partnership announcement: Wirehive

DADI Network to be offered as decentralized alternative to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud

Today marks a milestone in DADI’s journey to compete alongside major cloud service providers as we announce a partnership with Wirehive.

Wirehive delivers expert infrastructure consultancy and support for a broad portfolio of clients including Vodafone, Honda and ITV — and it will be offering DADI’s network as a decentralized alternative to AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud when the mainnet goes live later this year.

“Wirehive brings extensive experience in helping forward-thinking organisations make their journey to the cloud and we are proud to be added to their portfolio, ‘ says Joseph Denne, founder and CEO of DADI.

“The partnership with Wirehive will help customers new to blockchain technology transition from legacy cloud services technology.”

In addition, Wirehive will bring industry insight and consultation as the DADI platform develops during 2018.

“I firmly believe this will be the year we remember for Blockchain disruption, with industries of all shapes and sizes on the cusp of transformational change as a result of innovation in the space,” says Robert Belgrave, CEO of Wirehive.

“Decentralised hosting infrastructure is a logical step in the evolution of cloud services and I’m delighted to partner with DADI to make this cutting edge product available to our partners.”

Wirehive has also committed to running DADI Masternodes, bringing enterprise stability and security to the network.

Written by Paul Regan. Paul is the Product Director at DADI.

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