Public sale: by the numbers

First up, we’d like to again thank everyone who participated in the DADI Crowdsale and also all who have supported us so far.

The response to our project has been overwhelming — when we first had the idea to build the DADI network and launch the Crowdsale campaign, we never imagined a 42,000-strong group on Telegram and approaching 200,000 registered users at

We also didn’t expect to sell out in minutes.

Clearly we were delighted, and the level of interest bodes well for the future of the network. But it also presented us with a few challenges during (and after) the Crowdsale process.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be publishing a selection of articles lifting the lid on our KYC process, the infrastructure in place to handle the rush, dealing with all that FUD and a forward look at our upcoming development plans.

But for now let’s start with the numbers. This is a screenshot of the Ethereum transactions queue before, during and after the sale. The high wave right of centre is our Crowdsale, dominating the network:

The spike can be explained by the level of interest that had built up in the sale before it took place, and much of this was thanks to our highly engaged (and in the most part, supportive) communities in social channels:

Telegram: 42,000 (most active group in TG for the four weeks leading up to the Public sale)

Discord: 4,612 (possibly the friendliest group of them all)

Twitter: 14,500

Reddit: 2,100

But most impressive (to us at least) was the size of the broader crowd that signed up directly via We rallied our team and sent employees to the US and Southeast Asia to make sure we could provide 24-hour coverage on our social channels, but even these huge communities represented less than a half of the total number of people registered to participate in the sale.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 189,936 individuals registered on
  • 75,330 individuals submitted KYC documents to us for review
  • 59,035 had their KYC verified ahead of the sale
  • 36,380 transactions were attempted
  • 8,041 transactions made it through

In all we have secured c25,000ETH, ‘asset-locked’ in a not for profit company setup in support of the ongoing development, growth and promotion of the DADI network.

And that is now our focus: we have a clearly defined development roadmap to pursue — one we are delighted to say we are currently ahead of schedule against. That means distributing tokens from mid February and then listing on exchanges ahead of moving the mainnet to live in the second quarter of this year.

Excited? You bet. Much more to follow — plus our little flurry of articles going even further behind the scenes on the Crowdsale.

Thanks again for your support.

The DADI team.

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