Reimagining the home as a data center

Taking the DADI network mainstream

The DADI network is predicated on the premise that there is a huge amount of spare computing capacity within individual home environments.

In the USA (ranked 15th in the world for average network speeds), average downstream speeds to the home are 64.17 Mbps, while average upstream speeds sit at 22.79 Mbps. While this is a long way from a tier 1 datacenter, it is a huge amount when looked at through a macro lens.

DADI harnesses this capacity to decentralise services that have traditionally been heavily centralised, even within public cloud environments. To this end we are looking at ways of taking the network into the average home — harnessing unused capacity in unobtrusive ways, and reimagining common home appliances as devices that can bring additional income to households.

Photo credit: /u/Seafinch82 (Reddit). Estimated earnings are illustrative.

Imagine a lamp that pays for itself within a year of purchase. Or a wireless speaker that plays your favourite tunes and helps pay your college fees.

Estimated earnings are illustrative.

This is the vision for the DADI network.

We are partnering with leading industrial design firms to develop beautiful devices that provide real world utility whilst accessing debt capacity to power the DADI network, generating you income in the process.

Of course it’s not all lamps and speakers. DADI can live in any powered device in a connected environment, including home routers and set top boxes. The average set top box in the USA is turned on, but unwatched for 19 hours every day…

None of this takes away from dedicated nodes. You will be able to build your own rig for the network. And DADI’s core apps will be available for download for all major platforms in time, allowing you to run DADI Host on your laptop, and ultimately on your mobile phone. Minimum specs for DADI Host, Gateway and Stargate can be found here.

Got an idea for a connected product you’d like to see plugged into the DADI network? Let us know and we’ll share it with our design team.

Written by Joseph Denne. Joseph is the Founder & CEO of DADI.