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Weekly Update: W/C 26th August, 2019

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, our founder writes weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the 25th of these updates, originally posted to Telegram.

Hello everyone 👋

First up, self on boarding is now ready in the Edge network 💥

Expect an article on this on site soon, inclusive of FAQ. But in the meantime:

Onboarding is open for Linux based AMD64/ARM devices via our Apt repository at https://archive.edge.network

The process is super straight forward.

As previously discussed, because this is the first time that we have had a varied set of devices on the network, their enabling for production traffic will be on a gated first come first serve basis until we have completed testing in the mainnet.

The process is as follows:

  1. Install Docker (vs. 18.06+)
  2. Install Edge Cli (edge-cli)
  3. Connect your device to your my.edge.network account
  4. Provide your refundable proof of stake (the wallet address will be provided by a member of the team)
  5. Await enabling for production traffic in the network

Here’s the process for installing Cli:

  1. Add the Edge repository to your sources
$ echo "deb https://archive.edge.network/ /" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/edge.list
  1. Import the public key for the repository
$ wget -q -O - https://archive.edge.network/KEY.gpg | apt-key add -
  1. Update Apt
$ sudo apt update
  1. Install Edge Cli
$ sudo apt install edge-cli

Once done you will need to add you device your account at my.edge.network, which is done at the command line through Cli as follows:

  1. Attach your device to your account
$ edge-cli login -u "email@address.com"
  1. Register your device
$ edge-cli register
  1. Start the node
$ edge-cli start

And that’s it.

Note: devices will not be visible on your dashboard until they have been enabled for production on the network.

Once done a member of the team will be in touch for the funding of your device’s PoS and the enabling of the device on the network.

Note that we’ll be about tomorrow to assist with the process. We expect to be onboarding a few devices this weekend, and will ramp up onboarding next week from Monday.

Once we have full confidence in the process we will move to automate the enabling of devices in the network in full.

Exciting times!

Next up, as you will have seen, $EDGE is now tradable on KuCoin and IDEX. I appreciate that it’s taken a while for the updates to filter through the exchanges, so thank you for sticking with us!

CoinMarketCap will be updating the ticker once the majority of exchanges have updated, which we expect to be very soon.

The Tiipr app has been approved by Apple, and is now live and in production testing.

We met with the PPA again this week, with agreements finalized for our upcoming workflow workshops and breakfast sessions. We’ve agreed a content outreach partnership, which I’ll share more on in a couple of weeks.

The SaaS team for web services team have been working on the finalisation of API access keys, ready for the release of API 6.

API 6 comes with a bunch of new updates, including but not limited to:

The team have been also been head down and focused on reskinning Publish, as we move it forward to bring it inline with the new branding for our web services stack. We’re very excited to be able to share this with you. Watch this space!

A note on network stats:

We’ve moved a bunch of additional production traffic to the network over the past few weeks, and have been compiling performance data on the products using the network vs. their performance before they were using the network.

This will be being presented as a series of success stories for the edge.network site in due course, but I wanted to share a few key metrics with you for one of the products currently in production vs. it’s performance prior to moving to the network.

  1. Avg. Domain Lookup Time (sec) 0.05 (Edge) vs 0.06 (legacy stack), an improvement of 20.19%
  2. Avg. Server Connection Time (sec) 0.25 (Edge) vs 0.33 (legacy stack), an improvement of 25.10%
  3. Avg. Server Response Time (sec) 0.51 (Edge) vs 0.6 (legacy stack), an improvement of 18.69%
  4. Avg. Page Download Time (sec) 0.0246 (Edge) vs 0.03 (legacy stack), an improvement of 18.84%

Note that while we’re not really comparing like for like (as the Edge network is a pretty unique platform that is highly localising content worldwide as opposed to delivering out of a single central source), the metrics clearly demonstrate the benefits of the technology, even before factoring in cost savings.

We have an exciting new approach to user account management in the network which is currently in testing. This focuses on anonymity and the protection of your data, and makes use of a lot of the functionality coming in API 6. We’ll share more on this soon.

We’re basically looking at methods of enabling the anonymous use of the network.

And finally a new member of the networking team joined the fold.

We’ll introduce him at our next AMA. He’s working on core network technologies and the next version of Content Distribution.

And that’s it! Thank you for your ongoing support.

Written by Joseph Denne. Joseph is the Founder & CEO of Edge Network Technologies.




Upholding the founding principles of the Web through the democratisation of computational power.

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