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Cooking is messy, luscious, and sometimes time-consuming process, especially when your grownups are also participating with you in the kitchen. “Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate”. It is always good to leave your kids free in the kitchen and give them a full chance to show their creativity. Cooking is one of the most important tasks that parents sometimes overlook, but kids need to learn at an early age. Let them be center stage. This means letting them do as much as they are able to do.

How to Start
Here we are going to tell you some basic tips that help you to get started cooking with your little ones.

  • To begin with, introduce them to basic kitchen tools. Small kids should only be introduced to butter knives while older ones can also be taught with actual knives as well.
  • Tiny tots can be trained to spread butter or jam on bread. Younger children can be asked to cut boiled eggs, bananas, olives and mushroom with butter knives.
  • Try to choose a recipe that you have done before, so there will be no surprises and they do not find any difficulty to make it.
  • Other kitchen tools such as microwave oven, juicer, mixer and grinder, and gas stove should be introduced to grown-up children only after they are well versed in the basic fundamentals of cooking.
  • Encourage them to make a cheese sandwich or pasta for themselves at least once a week. This will give them a lot of confidence. But make sure you are with them in the kitchen to guide or protect them.
  • Tell them to accompany you while shopping for vegetables and groceries.

Cooking with children is not only essential, but is also exciting. In order to make a pleasant experience for you and your children.

When you are in the kitchen with your kids, you are not only just making food. But, you are building a confidence and creativity in them. Enhancing communication and connection with your child. Indeed, cooking for kids bring a happiness and you will definitely feel proud parents. 
There are some crucial factors which you can inculcate in your child with the help of cooking.

Healthy Food Choices: Maintaining a good health throughout your kids’ lives are to start creating healthy habits while they are young. Your kids know when it is time for bed every day and when to brush their teeth. So, why not to teach them stay healthy and make good food choices? Your children will learn most of the habit from watching you. It is important to control your own habits. If they want something to eat in between the dinner time, replace the chips with some almonds or fruits.

Confidence: Cooking will even assist boost children’s confidence. By creating something from scratch that they are even able to eat, will surely build up their confidence and in the future, they will never hesitate to try something new.

Creativity: Cooking involves an equal ratio of science and art. Children are very creative they always try to do something new. They also show their creativity in the kitchen, by giving a new twist to put some extra ingredients or spices. If you want to see how much creative your kids are? Give some space to them.

Communication: When you are preparing a meal in the kitchen with your youngster, a clear communication is necessary to succeed. As you read through a recipe or instruct your tiny tot on a cooking step you are both enhancing your communication skills: as your child is learning how to communicate with the instructor and perform the task. 
Cooking can also help to generate a great bonding between you two. While preparing a meal you can discuss their lives and give them some moral ethics.

Cooking is the golden opportunity that creates a great bond between parents and children. And also, help to generate lots of good habits in the children’s lives. So, Encourage your kids to assist you in the kitchen. With a bit of guidance and little patience cooking with kids is a truly beneficial thing.