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Enjoying Life’s Hidden Moments

Discover the extraordinary moments hidden in your ordinary life

toddlers holding a cake in the kitchen
Helping Mommy Bake A Cake

A house full of sick kids is a great way to setup a weekend for disappointment, frustration and some very exhausted parents.

That was what our house felt like this past weekend.

Each of the past three days we saw one of our toddlers in bed, resting with the hope that we could bring on the recovery process even quicker.

If you have young kids then you know what it feels like to see their sad little faces when they’re just not feeling right. It breaks your heart to see your kids in pain, tired and not able to act like their normal selves.

You also know how draining, both mentally and physically, it is to take care of sick kids. Especially, if you have multiples, because if one get its they pretty much all get it right?

Hidden amongst the changing plans, being stuck at home (mostly inside ), and being confined to their beds, were these glimpses of a normal healthy memorable family weekend we always look forward to!

I wasn’t always able see them in the moment, but after some really long days, a few minutes of reflection, and the right mindset these precious moments came to life for me.

  • A smile from my sweet little Ainsley even as she fights through her infection.
  • A rare moment where all three of my toddlers posed for a quick picture after helping mommy bake a cake.
  • My entire world spending meaningful time connecting while we read one more bedtime story.

It's the little things that matter, and it's the little things that we all too often overlook. This is especially the case when the pressure is on, the stakes are high and we’re just flat out wiped.

You have to learn to see through the minutia of the ordinary days, or the blur of a “lost weekend” and find those little moments you can be grateful for.

The key is to train yourself to be proactively expectant and appreciative of the time you spend with your kids. That way, when these little moments flash in front of you you’re aware and present enough to experience them.

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Shane Achey

Shane Achey

I’m a dad of 4 kids, all under 5. My passion is teaching dads how to go from ordinary to extraordinary, and how to leave a legacy that your kids will remember.