Benjamin Gu, the Chairman of DAEX Foundation, shared excellent insight in <Security Token Offering> event

On 13th October, Benjamin Gu, the Chairman of the DAEX Foundation, was invited to participate in <Security Token Offering> event, which is the offline event of BIT Bang Phase III, in Shanghai. In the event, Benjamin delivered a speech in the respect of Security-Based Token Economic Model. Benjamin expressed his personal views on the status quo and development prospects of STO. He also introduced the DAEX clearing ecosystem and the recently launched DAEX enterprise-grade wallet to audiences.

Benjamin Gu believes that Security Token Offering (hereinafter referred as STO) is more suitable for newly developed or low-credit industries. By integrating the Blockchain technology, the credit cost of the industry would be reduced. STO has dividend distribution mechanisms, which is different from the traditional stock market. They use dividends in a longer range than traditional stocks upon dividends and incentives mechanism, which means that more investors, operators, and users can be part of it. However, the project side still has to carry out STO business under the supervision redline.

A photo of <Security Token Offering> Event

Benjamin Gu elaborated DAEX Clearing Ecosystem and specifically introduced DAEX Enterprise-grade Wallet. Benjamin said that the DAEX Enterprise-grade Wallet was created by Bai Shuo, who is the Chief Scientist of DAEX Exchange Technical Services and the former Chief Engineer of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The wallet is an enterprise-grade cross-chain digital wallet, designed for exchanges, private equity funds, and DApps, etc. The wallet, which provides storage and custody service of more than 300 mainstream digital assets, supports BTC, ETH, EOS, BCH, ETC, LTC, and other main chains, and helps enterprise users to reduce operating costs by optimizing management business processes. The wallet covers multiple assets multi-account model, financial approval report, wallet batch management, and other operational content. It has substantially improved the user’s management efficiency of digital assets.

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