DAEX cooperates with Bai Shuo, the former Chief Engineer in Shanghai Stock Exchange, to publish the World’s First Enterprise Level Wallet for All Digital Assets

Recently, Bai Shuo, the former chief engineer of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, joined the DAEX Exchange Technical Service Company as the chief scientist to guide the research and development of DAEX digital asset trading and distributed clearing and depository solutions.

Bai Shuo has enriched experience in development and management in the field of financial technology. He has been involved in the establishment of the first National Computer Network Emergency Technology Coordination Center since 2000. Since 2002, he has been the chief engineer of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, responsible for the architecture design of the trading system. He became the chief designer of the new trading system of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and is known as a leading expert in the field of the Natural Language and Artificial Intelligence.

DAEX Chief Scientist Bai Shuo

The DAEX Exchange Technical Services team, led by Bai Shuo as the chief scientist, launched the World’s first enterprise-level cross-chain wallet for all digital assets which is designed for exchanges, private equity funds, DApps and other organizations to support the storage and host of more than 300 mainstream digital assets.

A screenshot of DAEX Enterprise-Level Wallet

DAEX Enterprise Wallet will soon be opened for trial application list, and it will only support digital asset exchange, private equity fund, third-party DApps and only institutional users can apply. For the first 100 trial appliers, top 20 organizations that have passed the audit will enjoy service-fee free service for the first month.

For cooperation, you can contact with DAEX Secretary through Telegram.(https://t.me/DAEXsecretary)

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