DAEX Expands its Global Ecosystem with a Strategic Investment in Identification Technology Group IAME

Having already penetrated the Russian, South Korean, Thai, Singaporean, Indonesian and Australian markets, DAEX recently expanded its global ecosystem further with a strategic investment in identification technology group IAME. By partnering with IAME, the company aims to further improve its products’ technical advantages.

IAME pioneers decentralised identity verification and personal data security based on sharding. Its solution is a regulatory technology measure to protect cryptocurrency users and to facilitate regulatory integration and mainstream adoption of cryptographic assets.

Lois Shen, DAEX COO (middle) & Suryani Chang, IAME Co-Founder (right)

Last week, IAME was invited to participate at the DAEX Hong Kong event. At the event, IAME shared detailed information about their project. They also talked to DAEX and other companies with a focus on blockchain, including both domestic and international investment institutions.

The strategic partnership between DAEX and IAME will help to fill in the gaps when it comes to DAEX’s underlying identification technologies. In this way, the IAME team will also assist in improving the layout of the DAEX ecosystem as a whole, laying the foundation for greater co-operation in the future.