DAEX lecture is coming! Former Shanghai Stock Exchange and Union Pay experts gathered in DAEX to talk about distributed technology and the future.

On the afternoon of November 26th, DAEX held an offline sharing session upon the theme of “Focusing on the Distributed Future”. Bai Shuo, who is China Ledger Technical Committee Director and former Chief Engineer of Shanghai Stock Exchange, and Yan Xiangxiang, who is Ta Lian Network Technology CEO and former Union Pay Electronic Payments Research Institute, have come to DAEX and talk about the latest technology issues, and share the distributed technology theory in different perspectives.

Guests Intro

Bai Shuo

China Ledger Technical Committee Director

Bai Shuo is the director of China Ledger (China Distributed General Ledger Basic Agreement Alliance) Technical Committee, Director of the Institute of Computer Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Executive Director of the Chinese Information Society, and also the Vice Chairman of the Securities Subcommittee of the National Financial Standardization Committee. He is also the former Chief Engineer of Shanghai Stock Exchange and was responsible for designing and developing the latest generation of the trading system. He is China’s early blockchain technology practitioners and blockchain and trading technology experts.

Yan Xiangxiang

CEO of Ta Lian Network Technology

He has worked in China Union Pay Electronic Payments Research Institute for many years and is very familiar with financial infrastructure and payment information security. In 2015, he began to discover blockchain technology. In 2016, he promoted the inter-bank point swap platform project at Union Pay and used the blockchain to make a trading platform for credits. At the end of 2016, “Ta Lian” was created.

Sharing Session

Bai Shuo < Matching equals to mining — The conception about the distributed trading structure>

  1. Distributed exchanges could solve digital currency trading problems, such as security and information asymmetry. Distributed assets need the distributed exchange platform.

2. Block shall achieve the balance of the three rights — bookkeeping rights, oversight rights, and usage right. Enterprise blockchain needs to achieve self-prove in four respects: revealing hash, revealing the relationship, revealing ledgers and source code. Such a self-proving ecosystem is relatively benign.

3. The essence of mining is to solve the problem of easy verification and difficult derivation. The reverse calculation of hash value in the bitcoin mining process is a typical representative of easy verification and difficult to derivation process. Most NP-hard problems also have such characteristics. ;

4. Based on years of experience and theoretical derivation, the framework of out-of-chain matching and in-chain verification is feasible in both theory and practice. Therefore, under the premise of “everything is mining”, the concept of “Matching is mining” is proposed.

5. “Matching is mining” is combined with socialized management, changing the trading format of the trading system from the aspects of trading technology and profit distribution structure, encouraging the advancement of trading technology, and maximizing the market while improving overall efficiency and liquidity, as well as supporting business management.

Yan Xiangxiang <distributed marketing tool and operation advancement>

After a short break, the founder of Ta Lian Technology, Yan Zong, had a wonderful sharing on distributed marketing tools and operational experience. The following is a summary of the lecture:

1. The traditional operation is actually a platform for centralized operation. Under the situation of increasingly fierce competition and expensive traffic, it may face risks such as monopoly and bankruptcy;

2, The distributed operations can effectively reduce costs. Bitcoin network is the most typical operating case of distribution, and the social organization model will become the typical model of the future;

3. A truly valuable distributed operation tool can intelligently motivate the decentralized network and realize the three major incentive systems: “guarantee interactive incentive, consensus witness incentive, and holding reverse incentive”.

4. The real purpose of distributed operation tools is not to allow users to hold more points/incentives, but to encourage more and more users to use, improve and realize value through incentive system, and build a self-circulation of the entire distributed network ecosystem. Run and eventually achieve stable value growth.

At the end of the speech, the audience on site continued to carry out in-depth discussions on the topics of “distribution” with the guests. The collision of thoughts rubbed new ideas and viewpoints.

We have been on the path to distributed technology innovation.

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