DAEX Makes Strategic Investment in Sophon Capital Community

DAEX recently signed a co-operation agreement with blockchain services provider Sophon Capital Community to optimize services given to its investors. Through extensive co-operative efforts, the two parties will work to create a more complete and professional blockchain services system.

From left to right: Xiong Tiao (Adisory Group Member), Bai Shuo (Chief Advisor at Sophon Capital), Hana Zhang (Co-Founder of DAEX) & Leo Shen (DAEX Advisor)

In terms of ecosystem development, Sophon Capital Community encourages participants to share and consume knowledge by a sound incentive mechanism to promote the development of the community ecosystem. This partnership is another important milestone for DAEX. By partnering up to provide high quality community-orientated services, it will bolster the DAEX community and create a foundation to further improve and expand the company’s global ecosystem.

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