DAEX Officially Enters European Market With Investment in Video Chat App SVPER

We recently announced our official entry into the European market after reaching a strategic cooperation agreement with video chat app SVPER. With this move, we’ve added another region to our global ecosystem, following Russia, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, and Australia. SVPER is a video chat application from Spain with a broad user-base in the European market. We will team up with SVPER to develop our presence in Europe, thus further extending the global DAEX ecosystem.

A screenshot of the SVPER website

Based on blockchain technology, SVPER leverages the ERC-721 token standard on the Ethereum blockchain to provide increased security, trustworthiness, and transparency. Users can invite others to a video chat by sending an invitation video. The other user can then reply to the invitation, becoming friends with that user and proceeding to a video chat if he/she wishes. By reinventing the way we make friends online through the use of video invitations, SVPER is changing the way we meet new people and bringing the world closer together.

SVPER ensures the privacy of users’ data by using a decentralized database, which is encrypted to further improve security. By only requiring a video from users without the need to verify their profiles and photos, this will effectively prevent false data and bots, while at the same time creating a network of trusted users. SVPER provides token rewards for users who use it, which encourages users to use SVPER for extended periods of time, thereby increasing user stickiness.

SVPER’s target demographic is 16–40 years old. Users will range from low to upper-middle income students, graduates, and young professionals who follow digital trends and are looking for an easy and natural way of meeting new people.

These users will also be able to use SVPER to connect to the global DAEX clearing ecosystem and enjoy clearing and settlement services through the DAEX Wallet. DAEX’s clearing service will be launched soon, during which time it will serve the first batch of cryptocurrency exchange users. In the future, DAEX aims to strengthen its co-operation with SVPER while also reaching out to similar partners in various fields.

DAEX provides a comprehensive digital asset clearing solution for exchanges, corporations, and individuals. By protecting users’ assets and providing distributed clearing of all transactions in the network with the DAEX Clearing Chain, the DAEX ecosystem ensures greater transparency and security. DAEX is working together closely with the world’s leading blockchain companies to further extend its global ecosystem with the aim of giving users a safer, more open trading environment.