DAEX showed up in the 2018 International Blockchain Conference, fully demonstrating the power of the DAEX.

From November 28th to 30th, DAEX has participated in the 2018 International Blockchain Conference held at the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center, as a representative of well-known blockchain enterprises. The conference was co-sponsored by the Changsha Municipal People’s Government, the Chinese Institute of Electronics and China Electronic Corporation Co., Ltd. Based on the theme of “Gathering the new chain of talents”, the conference was divided into three main sections: the main forum, the special forum, and the exhibition. The conference brought together experts, scholars and business leaders from the global blockchain field, and conducted in-depth discussions on issues such as strategy, policy, technology, ecology, market, and investment. At the same time, DAEX, as an important part of the 2018 International Blockchain Conference, brought together cutting-edge technologies in the blockchain industry to demonstrate the most leading and forward-looking blockchain digital asset wallet solutions during the conference.

About the 2018 International Blockchain Conference

As the most influential international blockchain event hosted in China, the 2018 International Blockchain Conference focuses the current blockchain technology industry application, and is looking at the future development trend of blockchain technology, gathering together with multinational engineering institutes, academicians of the Academy of Sciences, domestic Experts and professors in the field of blockchains of well-known universities and representatives of leading enterprises in the blockchain industry. During the conference, these experts and academicians have conducted high-level discussions on topics such as strategic layout and policy orientation, basic research and cutting-edge exploration, market sharing and investment trends, industrial dynamics and application practices.

About China Institute of Electronics

During the conference, the organizers of the conference held the inauguration ceremony of the China Institute of Electronic Blockchain Branch and announced that the China Blockchain Evaluation Alliance officially initiated preparations. On this basis, the Chinese Institute of Electronics also released the “Blockchain and Distributed Ledger System Evaluation Specification”, “Research on Blockchain Industry Mapping and Growth Points” and “Blockchain Technical Talents Training Standards” and other achievements. It will greatly promote the standardized development of the blockchain industry and provide a programmatic guide for the talent training and capability testing of future Chinese and international blockchain technicians.

Chinese and foreign experts gathered to discuss the blockchain empowerment of economy

In the main forum, Dr. C. Mohan, Academician of the National Academy of Engineering and the Indian National Academy of Engineering; Professor Rong Chunming, Academician of the Norwegian Academy of Engineering, the University of Stavanger, Norway; and Professor Sherman Shen of the Canadian Academy of Engineering shared their insights and achievements in the respect of the digital economy and ecology, the myth and reality of the public chain and private chains, and the application of blockchain technology in the era of Internet of Things.

Mr. Yao Qian, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation; Professor Yin Hao of Tsinghua University, Professor Ma Xiaofeng of Tongji University, and many other well-known domestic experts have taken root in the economic soil of China, jointly offered the wonderful view upon the evolution of the blockchain consensus mechanism, future development direction, the development trend of blockchain technology and the blockchain enabling entity economy.

Among them, the director of the China Distributed General Ledger Basic Agreement Alliance Technical Committee and the DAEX Blockchain consultant Bai Shuo shared the blockchain application he personally admired in the “2018 International Blockchain Conference Consensus Mechanism Forum”. :

Blockchain + open source database, these two combinations can be greater than or equal to the commercial database. The blockchain is to do the log, do the storage process, do high availability support; and open source database is to do queries, do data difficulties, do high-performance support. When these two are coupled, they would be equivalent to the ability of a commercial database with fewer cost.

DAEX creates a new ecosystem of the distributed clearing, and the whole asset wallet is widely concerned

The special forum was located in the E4 Hall of the Convention and Exhibition Center. From November 28th to 30th, it has opened to all citizens. The special forum will focus on five sections including blockchain community and ecology, blockchain and social governance, blockchain and traceability, blockchain application and security, blockchain consensus mechanism. Further, it also presented unique insights. The exhibition area covered an area of 3,500 square meters, bringing together a large number of top blockchain development and application enterprises including Thunder Chain(Xunlei) and DAEX.

During the show, DAEX, as a leading provider of blockchain technology solutions, digital asset trading and management system solutions, also attracted many interested users and institutional partners.

DAEX team is explaining the distributed clearing system to the government officials.
DAEX is demonstrating functions of the wallet for all digital assets
DAEX team is explaining the distributed clearing and custody solution

During the three-day exhibition, the DAEX team also communicated and shared with experts and scholars in the global blockchain field and market excellence projects, demonstrating DAEX full-asset wallet solutions, and sharing industry dynamics and application practices such as distributed clearing, and other issues. At same time, it also seeks more interactive cooperation for DAEX’s future global clearing ecological development.